It’s That Time Of Year

People at church have colds, the lady behind the counter at the post office coughs, we spoke with friend Larry and Geri–they both have colds. Even though I sat beside a snotty, coughing young woman on the plane to Arkansas I managed to avoid her germs. When we are out among people I am constantly telling the Cowboy–“don’t touch the door handles.” I go through bottles of hand sanitizer and packages of antiseptic wipes this time of year. I repeat this mantra when I am out in public, “don’t touch your face, don’t touch your face.” Many people in our church are out with illness of some sort. I thought I was coming down with something Thursday night but Friday morning I was feeling fine. Thank goodness–I’m way too busy to be sick! It’s that time of year!

This week I hung the last of the insulation–we don’t think most people insulate inside walls but we did in some areas–one of our bedroom walls shares a wall with the refrigerator in the kitchen. On both ends of the country we have noisy refrigerators and so we insulated that wall. We also insulated all the way around the bathroom. Glad to be finished with that nasty insulation stuff!

The Cowboy has been busy as usual hanging drywall, building ceilings, laying shower floor tile–that man is always on the go! Our mini split heating and air conditioner units should be delivered on Monday.

Saturday evening we enjoyed the company of friends Lyndon, Lisa, Janice and Kevin who came for dinner. We had grilled tri-tips, Brenda’s cheesy potatoes, Boulder River Ranch salad and TWO desserts! We were to have been eight people but one couple–Wayne and Patty (RVing friends of Lyndon and Lisa’s) had to make an unexpected trip back to Colorado. The pressure cooker cheesecake is small and I wasn’t sure it would feed eight people so I made two desserts–lemon cheesecake and Pioneer Woman chocolate pie. I sent our guests home with leftover desserts–the Cowboy and I don’t need those extra portions!!

Church this morning and the Cowboy began grouting the shower. It’s a picture perfect day in Arizona–one of those why we come to Arizona in the winter time kind of days.

Thursday night and Friday we had some spitting rain and on both those days we were treated to gorgeous sunsets–

This little guy was chirping at Emmi and me as we walked one crisp morning.

Friday morning storm clouds.









12 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year

  1. I feel exactly the same way about the germs Janna. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer! You two are the busiest folks I know. I don’t know how you have the energy to have dinner guests as we are in the bed by 8:30 most evenings! LOVE those sunsets! Gay


  2. We’re quite a bit south of you and folks here are also suffering from colds, coughs and even pneumonia. Bill has a terrible cough… even Braggs vinegar and local honey can’t whup it…. no fever…. so it’ll just take time. Your sunset photos are gorgeous! We’ve been having beautiful sunrises… but I guess the sailors don’t have too much to worry about because, except for New Year’s Day there’s been no rain. As usual, you sure sound busy… but quite content in your world. Isn’t that a great feeling?


  3. The crude has been going around our park but so far we’re staying away from it. We’ve had some beautiful sunsets but yours are just incredible.


  4. Don’t touch the railing or the doorknobs. It’s all about elbows and keeping your hands down. Sure don’t want a cold or the flu. Insulation isn’t fun. I can imagine how pleased you are to have that finished. We can’t wait to see all the work you two have done on the main house! Finally some warm weather has come to Arizona. Wish it would just stay put.


  5. I have been sick with the flu since Dec. 22nd. Over most of the symptoms but just can’t stop coughing! Can hardly sleep at night. I tried to be proactive during this time of year too but lately so many doctor appointments with so many tests it just got me good.
    Beautiful sunset pics!


  6. Bill and I must just be too ornery to get sick anymore (I’m probably jinxing us!). I think we’ve had maybe four colds each in the 12 years we’ve been together, and I’ve had the flu once. I’m spending more time around other people lately so have been diligent about contact so fingers crossed our luck continues. These cold, sunny winter days are incredible. I need to get out with the camera!


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