My Brain Hurts

Monday was another grouting day and by days end the walls of the shower are grouted and we were exhausted! All those other activities I talk about (laundry, bed linen changing, etc.) were also accomplished plus cooking.

The floor will be those small tiles which form the border.

Thanks to all of you who left suggestions about loading Lightroom onto my new laptop–the suggestions were much appreciated–but unfortunately didn’t work. The DVD player idea is a great one and I ordered an external DVD but my Lightroom disc is in Montana. The suggestions about the serial number were also good ideas. I eventually found my Lightroom serial number by signing into Adobe and finding my purchased products. That’s when the real trouble began.

Moon coming up over the Chiricahua Mountainswith the sunset reflecting on the clouds.

We don’t make payments. All these subscription services for iCloud, Microsoft, Adobe Lightroom, etc. are payments and we chose not to make payments. The day is coming when companies will force us to make those payments but we are resisting as long as possible!

In 2019 I purchased from Adobe one of the last remaining hard copies of Lightroom 6 knowing that updates would no longer be available and the product would not be supported by Adobe in the very near future. Those facts didn’t concern me. I’ve been running Windows 7 for a long time without support or updates.

What bothers me about the hard copy I purchased is this–Adobe no longer has a direct download link for Lightroom 6 on their website. They don’t support the product, they don’t sell the product in DVD form so no download link. On the Adobe website it’s as if Lightroom never existed. There are many links to Lightroom CC–their cloud based version for $10/month. They don’t care that I paid about $160 for that hard copy and have the rights to use it. They are going to force me into using their Lightroom cloud based version.

No they are not–at least for the time being! I sat at my two computers yesterday for literally hours searching for ways around Adobe’s robbery. Finally yesterday afternoon late I found a website which provided a direct download link for Lightroom and it worked!! Lightroom is now installed on this computer and working smoothly. I managed to transfer my catalog, presets and preferences along with all my photos.

The lesson I just learned was SAVE the download link from any product you outright purchase! While I’ve been glued to the computers the Cowboy has been hard at work installing drywall, running electric wires, etc. I did help him yesterday afternoon–we moved about 15 sheets of drywall from the garage into the house–uffdah!! We load it onto the flat bed ATV trailer and from there into the house–still uffdah!

As for the new computer, a Dell Inspiron–I’m loving it. Two things I’ve noticed–when you click “shut down”–it shuts down, instantaneously! My older Toshiba took forever to shut down and power up. The second thing I noticed was when backing up Lightroom–it’s also instantaneous, happens in a few seconds. The Toshiba churned a bit when backing up and the process would take longer. Windows 10 and I are playing nicely.😆I haven’t been brave enough to fold the Dell into tablet form–maybe soon??😯

Anyone else tired of “lettuce recalls”?? We planted lettuce–our weather hasn’t been cooperating so the lettuce makes a trip inside each night and back out into the sunshine during the day. It may be a while before we have lettuce!




17 thoughts on “My Brain Hurts

  1. Something about all that new RAM makes new computers run so fast! A bonus. I have used Dell’s for about 25 years, so good choice. Also, the Lightroom thing makes me so nervous. As you know, I am also doing Classic, home version, but who knows if they will make our discs useless? Even without support, which I never get from them anyway, I worry that they will do something to make it not work any more. Like Picasa. Sign. Love your sunsets, and glad the evening came to a close with so much accomplished for you, especially the computer thing. Getting something up and running and the software installed and running is a big deal….been there done that!!


    1. I guess it’s been too long since I had a new computer–it’s sooooo fast! To calm your worries, Picasa still works as a photo editing tool–I use it sometimes and Geri, our friend recently installed it on her new laptop. It was such a relief to edit photos in Lightroom on the new computer last night and write the blog–everything worked as it should. And my fingers have finally found the keys on the keyboard!


  2. I’ve been using Windows 10 for maybe 3 years or so. I had upgraded an older computer from Windows 8.1 which worked OK but absolutely killed the battery life. I got a new laptop about a year ago that came with Windows 10 that is so much better. Most of the stuff that was in earlier versions of Windows is still in 10, though sometimes pretty well hidden & maybe renamed. I think I had one older program that wouldn’t install on 10 and since I can’t remember now what it was it must not have been very important to me. I did miss the Windows Photo Viewer but was able to download it and install it. I always love the speed of a new computer!


    1. I too am loving the speed of this new computer! The keyboard is back lit which I really like and I’m getting used to the touch. Will have to wait until we are in Montana to load some other programs such as quilt labels–they are on disc too.


  3. Love, love your shower. Great look!
    Your computer woe’s go right over my head. I think I’m
    mentally lazy in that area…. just love my IPad… Apple, first
    Apple I ever owned.
    Gorgeous sunsets!


  4. Oh, my! Your bathroom is beautiful. Your hired! We would like to renovate our main bathroom and you two are hired. I can’t wait to see it in person. Glad you are enjoying your new computer. Hope you have success with your lettuce.


    1. The Cowboy might be hired but this girl isn’t doing any more construction work after we finally finish this house! I’m done–just like you were when you finished finishing the drywall in your basement!😆

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    1. I had a panic moment yesterday–kind of like what you did with all your photos–I was emptying my Recycle Bin and noticed the light on the external hard drive attached to the new computer was blinking!!!!–that usually means it’s being used and my first thought was–“oh, my I’ve deleted all my photos!!” But that wasn’t the case–thankfully!


  5. Good job on the Lightroom. I’m still running 4.0 so I’m holding my breath. I don’t like subscriptions either. Robbery for sure. Brain tired is real, and I heard only wine will make it feel better!


  6. You motivated me. After numerous attempts to find a link to download Photoshop CS5 for my latest computer, I contacted Adobe today by chat. I gave them the CS5 serial number, and they provided a link to download the older version I had purchased. Remarkably easy.


  7. Slowly getting caught up, and not surprised you’ve been very busy!! Fun travels and amazing progress on the house – life is good 🙂 Love the how rustic the shower looks while still beautifully finished.


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