I’m Not In Arizona

This ladder-backed woodpecker was intent on stealing our few pecans. If the pecan crop was better I might have discouraged her behavior but many of the nuts are rotten. She can have them!

This blog is coming to you tonight while I travel to Arkansas. I flew out of Tucson Wednesday afternoon and will be in Arkansas for about two weeks. The Cowboy and Emmi remained in Arizona holding down the fort.

Sunset skies over our neighbor’s house–Joe and Sue.

Monday the Cowboy finished removing all the old drywall and the door frames from the main house bedroom. I spent the day getting ready to go to Arkansas. Grinding coffee, making Chex mix for the Cowboy, laundry, ironing, etc. In the afternoon we went to Willcox for late lunch and to shop for the type groceries the Cowboy will cook when his cook is missing in action–frozen pizza, frozen pot pies, etc.

Today the Cowboy took all the demolition trash to the landfill transfer site. Hopefully that might be our last load of construction debris?? Back home he started framing in the ceiling of that bedroom. He’s feeling mighty energetic today–I ordered four pair of shoes for him from Zappos and they were delivered about 7:30pm last night–poor UPS drivers this time of year! The Cowboy needs a pair of shoes with good arch support and one pair of the four really had good support all the way around. Oboz–designed in Bozeman, Montana and made in Vietnam. I have a pair of Oboz and love them–now, so does the Cowboy. He had been having trouble with his feet hurting from standing on the concrete floors–his feet didn’t hurt today.

I grilled a tri-tip Tuesday and it was simply amazing!! It was so good! I did have a problem getting the grill hot and getting it to stay hot. Seems we’ve been transported back to Montana and just didn’t know it! The temperature Tuesday morning was 25 degrees, our high was 46 and we had a nasty, cold, north wind all day long. UGH!

So stay tuned for blogs coming from Arkansas.

Christmas came today in the form of a huge box of books from my dear friend Kelly. She reads as much or more than I do and we share books back and forth using USPS book rate shipping. That’s a lot of books!


17 thoughts on “I’m Not In Arizona

  1. Bet you are looking forward to a great Christmas with your family, and missing the Cowboy at the same time. Always a conundrum, to be in two places at once. Travel safe and enjoy and Merry Christmas.


  2. Ironing?? What’s ironing?? Ya Ya I know. I think the last time I wore something that was ironed might have back in the late 40’s. I’ve been a crumpled mess ever since. Enjoy your shoes:))


  3. Glad Michael found some comfortable shoes. He spend a lot of time on his feet with the house renovations. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about Oboz. I am going look into them when I need new boots. A box of books…what an awesome gift!! Lucky you. Have a wonderful Christmas in Arkansas with your family.


  4. Thank you for the sunset photos! I really miss them! We will definitely be checking out Oboz shoes. Enjoy your time with family in Arkansas…gay


  5. Home for Christmas! Happy for you and sad for the Cowboy!
    Sometimes it just has to be….. we need our home ‘fix’!
    Merry Christmas to you both and blessings to you💛


  6. Just as cold west of you. The hounds don’t mind and I really don’t either compared to this time last year living in Indiana. Yet … WHEN IS IT SPRING AGAIN ??? LOL


      1. You won’t be sorry. She has books about a female sheriff in Bisbee, a female detective in Sonoma, and male detectives in Tucson and Seattle. Lots of local coole!


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