A foggy Thursday morning. Those shadowy trees are at Joe and Sue’s, our nearest neighbor.Thursday the Cowboy spent the day laying and grouting tile–he was a bit exhausted at days end! I removed most of the stick down tile from the floor of the next bedroom slated for remodeling. I despise that stuff! The previous owners must have had problems with tiles not sticking and used a really, really good glue on about six of the 12×12 tiles. Those required the Cowboy and his handy hammer drill with spade–ugh! We’ve also discovered that the closet in that bedroom is not standard size–so standard doors won’t fit–now that’s a problem!

Friday we moved all the stuff from the last bedroom and Saturday the Cowboy began demolition. We are removing all the drywall and installing new.

Friday the weather changed for the better, no fog and much warmer. Saturday was the same–fabulous weather! I called it a “why we live here” kind of day.

As for the socializing–we were invited to Linda’s house for dinner Saturday night and enjoyed a fabulous meal of buffalo chicken chili, Mexican cornbread (used your recipe Angie), salad and two desserts! Linda always includes someone we’ve not met–Ron was the candidate last night and he and the Cowboy have a lot in common–both installed septic systems. There were a lot of poop jokes going around the table! ๐Ÿ˜ It was a great evening and thank you Linda!!

Sunday we had Sunday lunch with Milton and Lucy–Ted and Jeane plus Peggy and …… dang it, I’ve forgotten her husband’s name–joined us. Lucy had prepared a wonderful lunch–pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, salad, corn, and homemade bread. I provided an apple pie from my freezer–one of the pies Louanne taught me to make. We so enjoyed ourselves that when I looked at my watch I couldn’t believe how late in the afternoon it was!

Sunday the weather changed once again–the wind howled all day and our temps grew cooler. But we still had some outstanding sunsets throughout the week!

Life is good! And we were reminded this week of how good our lives actually are. The Cowboy spotted an ad on Craigslist for “free firewood.” I communicated with the person via text thinking the person was a man and made arrangements to go out to their place on Friday afternoon. It was a young woman who with her two teenage sons had purchased this project house on acreage. The house burned to the ground a couple months ago. Because the house was a “project house” it would not pass inspection and was not insured. She is now living in a very small travel trailer. Her sons have moved back to Tucson to live with their dad and go to school. They come out on the weekends to see her. She has by herself with the help of her sons on weekends cleaned up the fire debris–no machinery other than a wheelbarrow that we could see. My heart just broke for her. She had a dream I’m sure and her dream burned to the ground. Very sad.

8 thoughts on “Socializing

  1. Your sunsets are beautiful ! Arizona skies are
    often so pretty.
    Your removing the drywall to insulate? What
    I could see it looked good.
    What a cozy, comfy house your going to have!


    1. Linda–we are just not sure what’s behind some of that “looked good” drywall. The roof of both houses leaked, there could be mold, etc. so most of it we’ve removed. Our Arizona skies are beautiful.


  2. So nice to have friends near! Laughter is always a good thing. My heart aches for the poor woman who lost her home…sure gives worries a different perspective.

    Love the sunsets! Gay


  3. That last is so sad, Janna. Not sure what a project house is. You two are seriously social! I have never managed that. One couple at a time with some space in between is my style. I guess that is why I worked alone in the mountains for most of my career. Sometimes I would go for ten days without talking to another human.


    1. Sue, the house might have been in better shape than the one we are remodeling but she said it needed a lot of work, so much work that it wouldnโ€™t pass inspections. The Cowboy isnโ€™t much on socializing but he goes along for the ride with meโ€”most of the time!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


  4. Hearing the poor lady’s story makes one really appreciate what they have. What a tough life some people have. Sure looks like a lot of work there for Michael. It amazing me how some have such a great vision of what the finished produce will look like. Beautiful sunsets!


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