More Rain

More rain, hail and sleet Sunday night and Monday. We made a quick run to Sierra Vista on Monday and on the way back ran into one heck of a storm–the skies dumped rain, sleet and hail. The temperature dropped from 54 degrees to 39 degrees as we were coming back over Gleeson Road.

Home Depot agreed to waive their ninety day return policy for all that broken tile. And when the Cowboy started laying tile again, he has yet to have another broken piece! We grabbed a quick bite of lunch, picked up a small grocery order at Walmart and did battle with customer service–returning an item purchased with your grocery order can be an ordeal! The young woman who brought our groceries out to the truck told me how to make returns easier and when I went in to customer service for the second time in one day it was so much nicer/easier!

Tuesday I took Dan and Louanne to the airport–they are going home to Oregon for the holidays. I ran a couple errands and fought the crowds at Costco. The Costco we usually frequent is always busy but Tuesday it was a zoo. I didn’t have a long list but it still took me about an hour to navigate the crowd. My Costco credit card has a photo of me on the back side. The cashier was a young man with a wild hair do and a scruffy, long beard. He turned my card over, looked at the photo, looked at me and said, “changed your hair color didn’t you??” I laughed, pointed my finger at him and said, “you are not allowed to ask those questions of a woman!” My hair was a different color in the photo–it’s now natural salt and pepper–or as the Cowboy says, “platinum.” 😍

It’s been so damp and humid in our Arizona neck of the woods. We’ve had fog each morning this week making for good photos–

A flock of sandhill cranes flying overhead.

Wednesday I cleared out much of the stuff from the other bedroom. The Cowboy continued to lay tile and in the afternoon he worked on the chain saw. Soon we can grout and move the remaining stuff into the completed bedroom. We have some demolition to do in the next bedroom–a door has to be cut into the wall and we are replacing most of the drywall.

The remodel/restoration continues.

8 thoughts on “More Rain

  1. Your pictures are so very nice. You make that landscape
    look it’s best!
    Talking about your hair color, my mother in law
    always told her grandkids that Jesus was frosting
    her hair. Ha. They loved that.
    You have another room to drywall? It goes on and
    on and so do both of you. Lol
    Bless you!


    1. Yes, we have another room to drywall–ugh! But hopefully this is the last of the demolition! I colored my hair for so long and just grew weary of sitting in that chair for almost three hours and the cost! We do live in a gorgeous part of Arizona.


  2. Where to begin…thanks for posting the sandhill cranes as I will miss seeing them this year. So happy to see so many! Also, the last two photos are gorgeous. Please keep them coming as we don’t have sunsets like that in Georgia. The older I get, the more I don’t like shopping, but have never tried the online grocery thing. Happy to hear the returns on those items was made easier. It sounds wonderful to pull up to the store & have groceries brought to the Jeep…might just have to give it a try. Gay


    1. We see a few sandhill cranes in Montana every summer but these huge flocks we see in AZ are amazing–and noisy! I can’t say enough nice things about the Walmart grocery pickup. And other grocery stores are starting to jump on the bandwagon.


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