Getting To Be A Habit

Brooks and Millie.                                                                                     Lora all dressed up for 50’s day at kindergarten.

Taking a break that is! We have more “winter” like weather in the forecast, rain and highs in the low 50’s. Monday was sunny and 75 degrees so off we went in the CanAm up into the Dragoon Mountains.  Dan and Clint joined us–Louanne had more pressing girly things to do–manicure/pedicure!  It was a fantastic day, perfect temperature and the fall colors were still in evidence.

That’s Rockfellow Dome peaking up from the west side instead of our view from the east side of the Dragoons. Can you spot the rock climber? Can you see the sheep’s head?

Tuesday I cooked some, did the laundry, rested my knee and helped the Cowboy put up ONE sheet of drywall.  It’s a good thing we only had ONE of those to hang or we would be divorced! 😲 The drywall lift has been a marriage saver!😋 There was no way to get the lift into the shower so we had to lift the sheet over our head, make it fit around a very specific cut-out and screw the sheet to the studs. It was hard, way hard!! About killed both of us!!  As I said, I’m glad there was only one of those!!

The Cowboy has been experimenting with a rough texture, made to look like plaster drywall finishing technique–he’s got it down–our house is going to look so good!

Tuesday evening about 5pm it started to rain and rained off and on all night long. Wednesday morning there was over one inch of rain in the gauge.  That’s always a good thing in the desert. And, it may rain more tonight and tomorrow. That’s Rockfellow Dome to the left of center taken from our side of the mountains.

These are some sunset photos I took a few days ago–

Lots of people have told us we can’t grow citrus trees in this part of southeastern Arizona.  Well, we have two trees and ONE piece of citrus–not sure if it’s a lemon or a lime because I can’t remember which tree is which.

16 thoughts on “Getting To Be A Habit

  1. I can sympathise as to the drywall. Our home remodel 30+ yrs ago nearly did us in as well. Love the sunset pictures. and the grands.
    Congrats on the citrus.


    1. It’s not hard to install drywall overhead with the lift (at least for me, I don’t have to put all the screws in place)! I was so excited when the Cowboy pointed out the lemon/lime on our tree!


  2. Glad to see your citrus survived! They are really pretty hardy – even in Kansas City! BTW…you’ll know when it cut it which tree is producing! 🙂


    1. I know–we had some really cold temperatures near Wickenburg where we lived before and our lemon, orange and grapefruit trees were prolific! I’m thinking it’s a lemon due to its size.


  3. Glad you got out to enjoy that last really warm day before the drop. Good to know you only had one piece of drywall to put up without machinery and you are still married. Yes, I saw the sheep head!! Sure looks like a lemon since it is turning yellow. Keep us posted. Love those grandchildren. Such a cute 50’s outfit!


    1. Laci ordered that 50’s outfit on Amazon–one of the other mothers was giving her grief on FB for being so “with it.” We put up a closet sheet of drywall but it was much smaller and didn’t have a cut-out! The sheep head is really visible from our friend’s porch in Tombstone so I bet Jodee and Bill can really see it too. We are thinking the size of the fruit is more like a lemon.

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  4. I had to really work overtime to convince Jim we were not going to put up drywall in our place in Billings!! He finally let me find someone to do it and then thanked me later. All this rain is really appreciated but I’m not real happy with the temps of 50s and 60s. Lol


    1. Those words, “let someone else do it” are not in the Cowboy’s vocabulary if he can do it himself. When we built the house in Montana he wanted NO drywall and there is none. Our interior walls are aspen planks. I’m not crazy about the temps either but I bet it warms up–at least I hope so!


  5. I have 2 bathrooms and 1 wall in living room textured! Looks good with my western art and baskets. No regrets here and easy to do! Your house is looking great!


  6. Those kiddos are getting so big – and are just adorable. Wow did the cold weather arrive with a bang! We could have seen you at Sheepshead if we’d had our binoculars out on the front porch 🙂 We always laugh when most people say “But it looks like a dog…” That living room is looking incredible, I love the big ceiling beam.


  7. Nothing quite like those Arizona sunsets! Always fun to see pictures of the grandkids…they sure have a way of growing up fast! You and the Cowboy make a great team…I’m in awe everytime I read about all you have done and do! And you still have energy to cook, do laundry, and play! Yes, I do see the sheep! Gay


  8. Makes my shoulders hurt to look at that piece of ceiling drywall. Ick. That stuff is so darn heavy. We have that same kind of plaster effect in our house, the contractor called it Old World Knockdown. He loved it because it requires less sanding and tape finishing than regular sprayed orange peel and looks so much nicer. Good choice. We love it. Sure looks like you are having fun running around on the 4 wheeler.


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