Pie Baking

Sunday evening Louanne sent a text, “want to bake pies Monday morning about 9am?” Louanne is a great pie baker and I wanted to learn how to make pie crust–I am a great baker but pie crusts have always defeated me. So off I went Monday to Dan and Louanne’s after walking the Emmi girl.

The kitchen at their house was in full swing when I arrived.  Dan is the chief apple peeler–

He has a handy/dandy counter top mounted apple peeler like the one Karen sent me a few years ago. We kept him busy as we made six pies!

Another of my “struggles” was getting that crust into the pie plate without tearing. Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond rolls her pie crust out on parchment paper and I’ve tried her method–sort of successfully. Louanne’s method worked like a charm–amazingly well.  Just roll the dough around the rolling pin and then roll it back out over the pie plate–wal-la!!!  See that cloth covered round thing under my rolling pin–it’s also a game changer!  Pie dough does NOT stick to the floured cloth!  I have the cloth but it’s not on a round board–a project for the Cowboy???

I always struggled with those pie crust making directions, “dough should look like coarse cornmeal,” or “dough should have pea sized clumps.” Louanne made it look easy and I mixed the next two batches of dough with her directions. As I said we made six apple pies and Louanne sent me home with enough pie crust dough to make another apple pie which I did after we ate lunch.

Those hands are Louanne’s making the edge of the pie crust look “pretty.”

The Cowboy worked so hard on Monday, he “mudded” a lot of drywall, mixed and spread more cement in the shower floor and then mixed even more cement to fill in a low spot in the living/dining room floor. Remodeling an old home requires vision and my husband has it–but then we’ve had to deal with the aftermath of our “visions.”  We moved walls, lots of walls, and that caused us to find issues which made us wonder, “what were the original owners of this house thinking, what was this room’s use???”  The main house is about 1500 square feet and it was advertised as having FIVE bedrooms.  That advertising was done long after the house had been abandoned and allowed to deteriorate.  We think one of those five bedrooms was actually the dining room but who knows.  The people who originally owned this house would NOT recognize it today!

Tuesday the Cowboy “mudded” some more, moved stuff around so we could hang drywall and completed various other projects.  I sat on the couch and applied ice/heat to my knee.  My knee was basically healed until I started going to yoga class. The woman who teaches the yoga class in this community does not seem to know how to deal with older people or people who tell her, “I tore a ligament in my knee and need to be careful.”  I’ve watched her force older people into poses they shouldn’t be doing and I let her stress my knee again.  She advertises her yoga as “beginner/intermediate.”  I’ve done a lot of yoga over the last few years and her yoga is advanced. She is a fan of going around the room and “forcing” people into difficult poses.  I actually had to tell her one day when she was about to put her foot on my hip, “don’t do that.”  When she persisted I said loudly, “don’t touch me.”   I won’t be going back.  I will either practice yoga at home by myself or drive the 25 miles to Elfrida where there is an extremely competent teacher.  I miss my Julia–our yoga teacher in Montana!

Today my knee was better and I helped the Cowboy hang drywall.  We are making progress day by day.  After lunch I made a trip over to Benson with a long grocery list.  We are having a gathering/party on Saturday night and I needed some last minute things plus the regular groceries.  The Cowboy took a ride on the motorcycle–it was such a beautiful day, 70 degrees and sunny!

Life is good!

Sandhill cranes heading for Whitewater Draw.

Moon going down Wednesday morning over the Dragoons.




20 thoughts on “Pie Baking

  1. The moon over the Dragoons is a very pretty photo. Take care of that knee, any practicianer of any excersize should listen to her/his students. Particularly older ones, they know if they can bend like that or not.


  2. I don’t even care for pies, but in years past I’ve loved making all kinds. This time of year seems to be the season … with Thanksgiving coming soon. Your post kind of inspired me to do something with pies… other than make pizza dough 😉


  3. Well, you have spiked my interest, I usually end up
    buying a frozen, unbaked fruit pie, usually the
    best are the brand Claim Jumper. I would love to be able
    to throw together a pie in quick time but the crust
    always detours me. Each time I decide to ‘try’ again
    I use a different recipe. Ugh!
    Can you share your friends pie dough recipe?
    Also did you show the porch or cover for your front
    entrance? Maybe I missed it.


    1. I’ve always used either frozen pie crusts or the ones in the Pillsbury box until Louanne came along. I would rarely try to make a pie crust. I will share Louanne’s recipe on the blog and yes, I did share the new porch and its roof but will do it again when I get it decorated for Christmas. Thanks for reading along Linda.


  4. Personally, the Pillsbury pie crust in the box works well for me. It’s always flaky and browns nicely. So very much easier than doing it myself. I was so glad to when the ready made dough came out. Putting the filling together is enough work for me. Can you tell I am not a dessert or pie person…haha! Glad you had fun though. It’s interesting that you mentioned the yoga instructor there “touching” people. There was just an article in our paper last night about this touching issue with yoga and how it is becoming a problem. I can’t believe an instructor would force anyone into a pose. It is so easy to get hurt doing yoga. Smart idea to stop going there. Boy, the cowboy is a busy beaver. He’ll be glad to have the drywall finished. Love the moon over the Dragoon’s photo!!


    1. Same here, I’ve used Pillsbury pie crusts for a long time but occasionally I would try my hand at making pie crusts. I think I can do it now. I’ve seen articles about touching yoga instructors. I’ve been to classes where the teacher asks you first if she/he can touch you. The Cowboy is waiting for his expert drywall finishing friend to arrive—–. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Making a pie from scratch has NEVER entered my brain! I’m always in awe of people like you that want to and can actually do it! Michael sure gets things done…glad he took some time to enjoy a bike ride. I have never done yoga…probabally should try. We do like cardio and weight training, but that is very hard to do traveling in a MH. I so agree…hands off! Some of those positions look impossible to do! Oh how I miss the Arizona weather…70 sounds heavenly. We are slowly making our way back to Georgia (hopefully to finally sell our home there) so we can get back out west. The weather has been chilly in our travels so far and I already dread the cold (with humidity) we expect to have in Georgia. Gay


    1. Well, I would love to knit but haven’t gotten any closer to that goal other than a few not so square washcloths! 🙂 That’s a surprise, I didn’t realize you guys had a home in Georgia–here’s to getting the house sold and quickly! Not to put a damper on your mood but it’s been cold in my home state of Arkansas and of course with humidity! Stay warm.


  6. Oh, I feel your (knee) pain! We take a yoga class from a 75 year old man who has been practicing for years. He has three pins in one hip from his wartime experiences, and he REALLY understands! At 69, I am the youngest in the class – we have two women in their 90’s. He understands about knees and everything else. Our group has been together for about 5 years and each one of us realizes how LUCKY we are with our group and leader. I’ve gone to two other yoga classes during that time, never to return. I’m sure you miss your Montana class – I really notice when I (rarely) miss my weekly yoga!


    1. Our little community just can’t seem to attract quality yoga teachers–the last one was a young woman of about 25 and she REALLY didn’t understand her clientele! This new instructor is probably in her late 60’s, early 70’s and was a nurse at one time–you would think she would get it. It’s just not the same doing it at home–too many distractions.


  7. I’ve never even attempted pies – and they are my favorite dessert. Sounds like good fun learning from a friend with great tips. Also sounds like you two continue to work super hard on your beautiful home. We have to get over and see the cranes – thanks for the reminder 🙂


  8. My late mom made the best crust ever!..I wish I had paid attention.
    She would take the leftover dough and place cinnamon and sugar on small pieces, roll them up and made tasty treats for her 6 kids…
    Being the oldest does have it’s advantages..sometimes..


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