Fabulous Weekend

Thursday the Cowboy hung drywall with a little help from me now and then. I spent the day packing and cooking so the Cowboy wouldn’t starve. 🙂

Friday morning bright and early Louanne arrived and off we went heading for our weekend away in Tucson. We rented a condo in the downtown area of Tucson, shopped, shopped some more and ate some fabulous meals.  It was the best of times spent with a good friend.

Our condo was an older one somewhat remodeled–we didn’t try this stove except to heat water for Louanne’s pour over coffee–

See the row of white push buttons in the upper right of the photo–those controlled the burners.  I think that stove came over on Noah’s ark!!

The flooring was wood plank looking tile and was obviously newer.  The pool area was pretty–this was a fountain feature just off our balcony and there were always birds bathing and splashing in the water.

The condo was very convenient to everything. We ate Italian at Vivace–delicious and it was warm enough for dining outside. Saturday we shopped and had an late lunch/early dinner at the absolute best Mexican restaurant–it was outstanding!  I like Mexican food but I’m not a fan of those plates of cheesy–can’t tell what anything is–Mexican food. This place didn’t serve that kind of Mexican food.  The menu at Cafe Poca Casa changes daily and somehow the wait staff memorizes the extensive ingredient lists for each of the 8-10 items on the menu presented to diners on a chalkboard. Louanne and I absolutely loved what we ordered and I brought home a portion of mine and it was just as good for lunch today!

We were home by about 1pm to a happy Cowboy and Emmi–I’m sure Dan was glad to see Louanne too! 🙂  It was such a good time but it’s also good to be home in our quiet country place and I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight without all those city lights and city noises.

The Cowboy, Emmi and Dan took an ATV ride with friends Lyndon and Lisa yesterday up into the Dragoon Mountains–so we both got to play this weekend. The Cowboy hung drywall again today and the master bedroom is actually starting to look like a bedroom!

And for the first time in a long time the Cowboy–much to his dismay–has a phone and it’s even a smart phone. A simple Android Tracfone which arrived from Amazon on Friday after I had left. The Cowboy tried to make the phone work over the weekend but wasn’t successful. I ended up having to call Tracfone which once I got past their stupid automated system wasn’t a bad experience.  The person who helped me spoke understandable English and had my problem solved in just a few minutes.

Life is good.

12 thoughts on “Fabulous Weekend

  1. I have had a Tracfone for 20 yrs, and farmguy for 8-10. In that time I have had no bad experiences with customer service.
    Sounds like you had a very fun weekiend. Girls need to do that occasionally.


  2. How fun to have a girls’ weekend!! It’s always nice to get away for a little time. I had to laugh at your last paragraph! John also got a phone this weekend…his first! He has a Samsung Android Tracfone!! Too funny!! John, too, had trouble setting it up and finally after hours trying to figure it out, he called. He got a semi English speaker and finally all is working. What a funny coincidence! John and Michael are really stepping out into the world.


    1. That’s truly funny!! I was tired of not being able to communicate with Michael when I was away. Skype worked somewhat and we emailed but I’m going to be away in December for an extended period of time and I wanted to be able to call him.

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      1. The main thing that drove us to getting John a phone was my having jury duty this week. With one car and me having no sense of direction, he was going to drive me into Vegas to the courthouse but how was going to let him know I was done. We thought he could keep our phone and I would take my computer and email him. The phone would bing and he would know when. But our son has been really badgering us to get a second phone. So John has a phone and jury duty was only one day here unless you get chosen for a trail which I didn’t. In PA you were there for a week so just figured it was the same here. Not so. But we did use it today when I went hiking alone while John was captivated by today’s TV. We could keep in touch!


      2. That was quick of Nevada to get you on a jury duty list!! I am taking a two week trip in December and I guess the Cowboy wanted to be able to talk to me–it was his suggestion although I’ve wanted him to have one for a long time. In the past when I’ve traveled we’ve used email and sometimes Skype but having a phone will work better.


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