A Little Rain And The Cowboy Turns Mechanic

During the night we woke to the sound of rain on the roof. It rained just enough to settle the dust and this morning the skies looked ominous–but no more rain. Emmi seems to be saying, “enough with the photo taking we are going to get wet!!”

We’ve been working steadily on hanging drywall and the Cowboy has been running more electrical wires. Tuesday I washed all the windows in the living/dining/porch areas of the main house–I’m thinking we installed too many windows!! 🙂

Tuesday afternoon the missing in action bathroom vanity arrived. And as I always say, “thanks goodness for the backhoe.” That box was heavy! We had been looking for ready made vanities–to save the Cowboy a little work–the ones I liked were way too pricey and the ones the Cowboy liked because of price–I didn’t like.  We found one we both liked in the Sierra Vista Lowes store but it too was a bit pricey.  I’m sure you’ve all experienced this–you are searching for a particular item on Amazon for example and the next thing you know ads for that item are showing up on every page you surf.  Well, we are thinking Home Depot might have been lurking in the background–you think??  We received an email offering a bathroom vanity we both liked for less than $200!!  It has a granite top and sink–not as many drawers as I would like but we will cope.  It’s original price was over $800–I’m thinking a bargain found us!! The shipping company Home Depot used was a touch sketchy but the vanity finally arrived–all is good.

The master bath shower is taking shape. We elected to build a walk in shower with no door to clean.

We’ve had some cloudy days making for beautiful sunsets–

When we were riding the Paiute Trail in Utah this past September we were having trouble with the CanAm–the speedometer would read “0” even if we were going 40mph and we would lose power steering.  When at North Ranch Larry and the Cowboy were talking–Larry had the same issues with his CanAm ATV and it was the speed sensor.  Today the Cowboy changed all the fluids in the Can-Am and cleaned the speed sensor–took it out for a test drive and all is good.  It’s good to have your own mechanic! 🙂

On the way to Willcox along the back road you will find the Bonita Bean Company where they raise and sell pinto beans. We needed beans and as we were almost to Willcox we decided to go the rest of the way and have dinner at the Double S Steakhouse–good meal.



10 thoughts on “A Little Rain And The Cowboy Turns Mechanic

  1. Nothing like Arizona sunsets! You both are awesome and always so busy! Like you, I LOVE windows and keep reminding myself of that everytime they need cleaning. In the end, it is worth it! Contractor…mechanic…aren’t we lucky to have both? Gay


  2. Boy, we haven’t seen clouds or rain since we arrive back from Colorado. It might be nice to have a cloud occasionally. I like the new walk-in shower. We are going to have our huge soaker bathtub removed and replaced with a doorless/walk in shower as our next BIG project. I want the old shower to become a storage closet.


    1. I’m thinking we will like the new shower. Our water is hard and I wasn’t looking forward to keeping a glass shower door clean! And we are going to have a shortage of storage in the two houses–we took what I was going to use as a large closet and added that space to one of the bedrooms to make it larger.


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