Miles On The Trucks And Goblins

Thursday on Halloween the Cowboy moved–as in cleared out one of the main house bedrooms so we could begin laying the drywall–he worked hard all day as there was a ton of stuff stored in that room. I baked a cake–one of those decadent flourless chocolate cakes. We live too far from town for trick or treaters to bother coming to our house so in the evening we headed to Dan and Louanne’s. Dan cooked a fabulous meal as usual and we got to see all the cute kids coming to the door for Halloween treats.

These are our goblins–John, Laci and Lora in Germany.

And Brooks and Millie in Montana. Those little cheeks just make me want to grab her and snuggle!!

Friday we hung drywall–not my favorite thing to do.  We have an electric drywall screw gun but unless you have it positioned exactly right the screws aren’t set perfectly for application of drywall mud.  So—my job is to go behind the Cowboy with a regular screw gun and re-seat the screws which sit too high.  Again–not my favorite job and there is often a bit of cursing going on!! 🙂

We took a lunch break on Friday and went to the Sunsites Fire Department open house.  Lots of raffle tickets to buy–I won a $15 gift certificate to the little coffee shop in town–and lots of other informational booths.  They served a lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers. While the Cowboy and I were sitting on a stone wall eating our lunch I noticed our reflection in the hubcap of the fire truck–

Saturday Dan and Louanne came to get us about 9am and we headed to Tubac, AZ for a fall craft festival.  We took the long way around through Sonoita and Patagonia–beautiful country.  Lots of treasures at the craft festival and I managed to come home with only ceramic Mexican style house numbers.  We enjoyed a great lunch on the patio of one of the many restaurants, shopped a touch more and headed home.

Sunday was another long day of driving. That dang Craigslist got us again–I saw a bedroom set I really liked and when the price dropped by $200 the Cowboy said, “let’s go get it.”  The three of us left home again at 9am and didn’t get home until 4:30pm because of course we had to stop at Costco and Walmart–both of which were a zoo on Sunday!

And a sweet photo of my Cowboy and Emmi–

8 thoughts on “Miles On The Trucks And Goblins

  1. Any time you take a photo of the cowboy it is a sweet photo — You are a Lucky Lady!! I love craft shows!!They are always fun!


  2. It’s good to hear your having some fun and
    it’s just not all work! I always enjoy a good craft
    festival or a bustling flea market.
    Pretty quilt !!


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