We Have A Porch Roof

Monday we drove to Sierra Vista to purchase the steel for the porch roof and miscellaneous other items. Walmart grocery pickup worked seamlessly this time. We had reached out to Steve from The Hounds And Other Adventures but a meet up just couldn’t happen. We will give more notice next time and make it happen.

Tuesday the Cowboy spent the day running electrical wires while I cooked and cleaned.  About 3pm Jeanie and Ray arrived. We met these folks in 2011 through Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch while spending time in the Elfrida/Pearce area in our camping in the motorhome days. The little schnauzer in the photo with Jeanie is Jazz, our sweet girl we had before Emmi.  Jazz was thinking the chicken behind the fence looked mighty tasty.  We  had a great time catching up and enjoyed a fabulous meal.


The last couple of days clouds have rolled in allowing for good sunset photos–

The mornings have been calm and chilly–the coal fired electrical generating plant was sending up big plumes of steam as Emmi and I took our walk one of those chilly morning.

Today we spent the entire day working on the porch roof and we now have a roof.  Later in the year we will have the cement poured for the floor. It certainly changes the look of our house.  We will also have a porch over the front door of the guest house–later.

And I hung my little “It’s A Dog’s Life” quilt today.  Have you quilting readers ever used the Hang It Dang It quilt rods?  I love these hangers–one little nail in the wall and the quilt is balanced perfectly.

And that’s about it for the early part of our week. Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “We Have A Porch Roof

  1. Reading your words makes me miss cochise all the more. Funny how life makes such fun of a busters plans. You guys have done so much better at framing those up. You make life shine.


  2. Wahoo! Love the porch. It does give the house a new look. Very cool. The quilt is so adorable. Glad you shared a close up of one of the squares. Love the puffy puppies. Great job!


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