We’ve Both Been Puttering

I’m thinking we are both in a rut. Neither one of us has had much ambition these last couple days. The Cowboy did jackhammer the concrete leading to the new shower drain in the main house master bath–that took some ambition! I still chuckle (quietly) when I remember his first comment when seeing the bathroom in the main house–Tub was avocado green, floor was ugly, ugly linoleum. Notice how close to the tub the toilet sits?  The Cowboy when seeing this bathroom for the first time said, “I would really like for the footprint of the bathroom to remain the same.”  I said, “not happening, get out the jackhammer.”  Which he has done and very graciously I might add!

This critter was on our garage wall.

We’ve once again remodeled the remodel by changing the configuration of the master bath.  Shower and vanity changed spots. Door openings were changed. The location of the hot water tank was changed.  We make ourselves dizzy some times with the changes!

There is a new yoga teacher at the Community Center on Monday mornings and I was impressed both with the teacher and with how well my knee performed.  All those days of riding in the motorhome getting to Utah and then all those days of riding in the ATV cured my knee!  I’m thinking I could have saved myself a lot of money–hadn’t met my deductible for the year–and skipped the doctor and physical therapy.  All I needed was rest–lesson learned!!

The trees we planted in the fall of 2017 have grown so much, most more than a foot over the summer. The pine trees have also gotten bushy and were pushing through the cages we built to protect the trees from varmints.  Today I built a new cage for the largest pine tree and will wait until the weather turns cooler before building any more cages.  I want to trim some of the lower branches and need cooler weather before doing any pruning–maybe I can avoid building more cages.

Ruth, here’s the link to the recipe for the Flourless Chocolate Cake-It’s from a fabulous book I’ve read A Homemade Life, by Molly Wizenberg. As the author of this particular blog states, “it’s not a pretty cake.”  It sinks in the middle, or “squats” as my Mom would say, the edges crack and sometimes fall off but when you take that first bite you won’t care if it’s pretty or not.  The Modern Mrs. Darcy  also writes about this cake and she substitutes almond meal for the flour as one of her children is gluten intolerant.  It’s a very rich cake so cut your first slice small and go from there.  I love this cake–in small doses!  Remember links don’t show up well against the background of the blog–click on the italicized “Flourless Chocolate Cake” above.

About lunch time Tuesday this storm had us thinking we might get rain–nope.

Wednesday was Sierra Vista day–we left home before 8am and headed over the hill.  We took a trailer and also placed a delivery order. Our credit card was groaning.  I had placed a Walmart grocery order on line and my pickup time was between 12 noon and 1pm.  Just as we were arriving in Sierra Vista I received a text and email telling me that due to operational issues Walmart was canceling my grocery order.  To say I was displeased was an understatement but evidently the operational issues were nationwide.  So, I spent 45 minutes wandering around Walmart buying groceries–UGH!

It was so good to be home! We unloaded and sat down with a happy hour beverage. Dan is back as of today and dropped by while we were relaxing–Louanne will follow in a few days.  Life is good in spite of Walmart operational issues!

Life is good because we enjoyed 83 degrees and sunshine today while our friends back home enjoyed this–

and cold temps!  Our friends Max and Dave sent this photo, they live just down the road from us.


14 thoughts on “We’ve Both Been Puttering

  1. Sounds like you should let the varmits trim the trees where they protrude out of their wire sanctuary. The links are bright blue on my screen, not to hard to find at all


  2. One of Joe’s favorite saying is “the difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole.”. You guys are never in a rut…you sure don’t waste anytime getting back to projects. I love it that you remodeled the remodel! And a big yippee about your knee!


  3. Boy is it good you left town before the early winter arrived. That’s a lot of snow, not a dusting for sure. Love the stick bug. So pretty. How sweet that your knee is doing better and not causing any pain. Fingers crossed it continues to be pain free. Looking forward to the new bathroom layout.


  4. I’ve never seen a colorful Walking Stick, but this one is pretty! They usually look exactly like their environments so as to blend in, If it’s dead grasses or shrubs, they can hide in plain sight. amazing world we live in!


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