Slowing Down

Today is the Cowboy’s birthday–he means the world to me and I wish for him many, many more birthdays!  Late this afternoon we drove to Bowie, Arizona, about 50 miles from here to have an early dinner at Rafter G–our service was great and the meal good.  I baked my Cowboy another flourless chocolate cake and he opened presents this morning–another good birthday!

On Friday morning we were awakened by rain–hard rain!!  Rain seldom comes to the desert so when it does we are happy!

Slowing down is NOT in my husband’s vocabulary! 🙂  He was not going to “go at it” so hard this season, he was going to “take it slow.”  Is that why I watched him tear down two walls on Thursday?? I did help by loading the pieces into the backhoe bucket.  And one of those walls was heavy concrete stucco which required holding the heavy hammer drill over his head–he has to split the pieces of concrete so we can handle the chunks.  The hammer drill is the only thing the Cowboy has found which will cut that stuff.

My job the last couple days was weed control until I ran out of weed killer.  We have some nasty new weeds this year maybe due to all the rain we had last winter??  The Cowboy attached a weed spraying unit to the back of our John Deere lawn tractor.  The tank holds fifteen gallons and I can sit on the tractor and slowly crisscross the lawn while I spray.

Tearing down walls required a trip to Willcox for 2×4’s so we can build new walls.  I also stopped at Ace Hardware and purchased paint for the doors in the guest house.  And of course there was Dairy Queen–John and Pam go to Starbucks–the Cowboy and I go to Dairy Queen! 🙂

It’s hard helping my people shop! Her butt is up in the air and her head is down yet Emmi was sound asleep.

Friday the Cowboy continued his demolition work.  I painted a door–five coats it took–I’m not too impressed with this Ace Hardware paint!  To be honest I was painting an old door, an original door to this house and someone in the past had poorly applied a coat of ugly yellow pain.  Two coats of primer and three coats of the Ace Hardware paint. And I’m still not satisfied with the way it looks but I may just close my eyes to the imperfections! Stand back 10 feet and you can’t see them–and it’s in a dark corner!! 🙂  Update: I don’t like the color–back to the drawing board, five coats later! 😦

Friday evening we attended a party at our friend Linda’s house. A varied group of people from all over the country. Linda had built a fire in her custom made fire pit and we roasted hot dogs and accompanied them with sides dishes contributed by everyone. The food was delicious as was the company, it was a fun evening. We went home to an anxious little dog, ready to see her people!

Yep, no slowing down around this household! Life is good!

12 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. Happy Birthday to your Cowboy! I think he and Bill have a lot in common… slowing down means tearing down only 2 walls instead of the whole darn house… before noon!


  2. Flourless chocolate cake sounds delicious; and you serve it often so I’m guessing it has to be! Would you share your recipe?


  3. Happy Birthday to Your Cowboy—he is truly a gem and i don’t believe there isn’t anything he can’t do. In the South here we would say “he’s handier than a pocket on a shirt”. Many happy returns of the day and may he celebrate many more birthdays!!


    1. He is a gem and when I ask him to do something and he tells me “I can’t”–I don’t believe him–he’s created a monster! I’m going to remember your “handier than a pocket on a shirt.” Thanks for the birthday wishes!


  4. What an EXCELLENT picture of Mike, my fellow Libran. And, love your picture of the fence up on the mountain Janna. We enjoy you r blog 🙂


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