A Good Visit And Our Arizona Home

Just a few more photos from our ATVing adventure.  We had spotted random sheep along the trails but this was a large group controlled by four small border collies and what appeared to be a Peruvian woman wearing vivid colored leggings, cowboy boots and spurs.

Our little motorhome–which we are loving.

Saturday morning we took our time–enjoying our coffee, talking, and walking Emmi.  We were on the road by 9am and at North Ranch parked in Larry and Geri’s yard shortly after noon.  We spent the afternoon visiting with friends–Jim and Ellie plus Don and Vickie happened to be there too.  We also spent some time visiting Mike and Pat.  Geri had prepared a wonderful supper and we spent the evening catching up on all the news.

Sunday we enjoyed a fabulous brunch–I cooked a bunch of bacon on their grill and Geri made scrambled eggs–I love brunch!  We visited with more friends–Caryl and Jerry.  We also went to look at our former home in North Ranch owned by Bill and Gemma.  They’ve done so much work to the house–it looks great.  It’s no longer an ugly yellow color, they’ve built a huge new garage and added a deck on the back overlooking the desert.

Sunday evening we drove into Wickenburg to have pizza and ice cream.  Monday morning had us heading south with a stop at Walmart to pick up the grocery order and a stop at Costco which about broke the bank.  We buy our meat at Costco and as we live so far from the closest Costco on both ends of the country, we buy in bulk.  I spent Tuesday afternoon vacuum sealing all that meat–it took a while!

Our place looks great!!  Milton has done a great job this summer keeping the grass/weeds mowed and seeing to the irrigation system.  His wife Lucy cleaned the house for us before we arrived which was really nice!!  It’s so green and lush here–about 2 weeks ago this area had about 3.5 inches of rain.  We’ve never seen it so green–usually when we arrive in mid October the grass is brown–not this year.

Our trees, shrubs and flowers have grown so much it’s amazing!! That ornamental grass was just a sickly looking sprig of grass when we left in the spring. The lantana (the one with orange flowers) was only about a foot in diameter–now it is about three feet!  The rosemary shrub grew a lot and the daisies did too.  We are so pleased!  And of course the weeds grew quite well too!

Love those Arizona sunsets.

The washing machine has been going almost non-stop. The Cowboy decided to conduct some demolition today–hopefully we are almost finished knocking out walls.

Life is good.

16 thoughts on “A Good Visit And Our Arizona Home

  1. Everything looks so wonderful! All that green, wow. Glad you are enjoying the baby motorhome. You know we love our 26 feet of heaven. So happy to see all was in good shape when you arrived.


  2. Every time I go to Costco to pick up meat I am surprised that they haven’t started keeping it in the lockup at the front of the store.


  3. Glad you had a nice visit with your friends in North Ranch. Your house property looks amazing!! Wow! There is so much growth. I sure hope my Pampas Grass ends up looking like yours! Love your photo of the sunset with the grass. Can’t wait to hear which project Michael starts with.


  4. Does your lantana attract a lot of butterflies? I envy yours… Your plant is loaded with flowers… mine here is pretty straggly looking…


    1. I have seen a lot of butterflies around since we’ve been back–hadn’t given the lantana credit but they do call it the “butterfly bush” don’t they! I’m amazed at how well our plantings have done–I guess lots of sunshine and water does make things grow!


  5. That is quite the herd of sheep! So glad you’ve found the perfect combo of rig and trailer at last. Even more glad you’re safely arrived here in the south. I agree this green desert is pretty amazing!! I’m hopeful that any landscaping we get done this season grows as well as yours. We’ll have to get together once we’ve all settled in a bit!


  6. Your motorhome looks so nice . A great size, sharp looking.
    What a different homestead, going back a few years!
    Very rewarding. When we had a second home, I always had
    the house keeper in before we arrived. Loved it.
    You have big plans for more re-hab?
    Nice pictures, thanks 🤗


    1. Always more rehab–one of these days maybe we will finish–I hope! The motorhome really is nice–only 25,000 miles. Of course it has some blemishes–no one takes care of things as you yourself would.


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