A Gathering, PT and Packing

Friends Ken and Lesley have a little remote cabin on their property and it’s always a fun place to gather with friends which is exactly what we did Monday afternoon.  The yoga ladies and our spouses headed up the hill–some of us in ATVs and some in the restored “poop spreader.”  Lesley drove the tractor pulling the manure spreader–and it actually was a manure spreader in times past but is now outfitted with benches for seating.

Ken and Lesley view the same mountains we do but their home is closer to the peaks–beautiful views!! Off we go–Geoff and Dave are in the ATV which was in front of us.

And there’s the cabin–solar powered, LED lights, cold running water from a spring and a cute little outhouse.  Lesley has great decorating taste!! Max, Nancy, Shirley and Julia Enjoying the food we all brought and some sunshine.

Gathered on the porch.The end.  As we headed home a fast moving rain storm attacked us!!!  We made fast tracks for the house!  Thank goodness for rain gear!!

Tuesday morning I cleaned and oiled the longarm, storing it for the winter.  Packed a few things, made us lunch then headed to Livingston for physical therapy. Back home the Cowboy had loaded the Can-Am and his stuff into the cargo trailer.  I got busy and cleaned the carpets in the motorhome–they needed it!!

Wednesday the three of us spent the whole dang day in Billings.  Dermatologist and internist for the Cowboy, haircut for me. We squeezed in fast food lunch, Costco and a Walmart grocery pickup.  Whew, it was so good to be back up the Boulder and home!

On our walk last night the Cowboy spotted these two ladies headed for the neighbor’s hay field—

The sun was down and the skies were darkening rapidly so the photo isn’t the greatest.  After dark I stepped outside with Emmi and could hear the elk bugling.  Life is good.

8 thoughts on “A Gathering, PT and Packing

  1. Love the photos of the adults riding in the manure wagon…too cute! Fun outing with friends. Sounds like you are getting about ready to head out! Hope the PT is helping with your knee.


  2. What a wonderful little spot in the hills! Love that manure spreader/shuttle – very clever 🙂 Sounds like you’re close to heading south. Temps are still warm, but the nights are nice and cool.


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