Busy, Busy Days

You’ve heard that phrase, “meeting myself coming and going?”  We are meeting ourselves coming and going!!  Thursday was another day in town for me–when you live 20+ miles from town a trip seems to take the whole dang day.  I was getting a pedicure and Jeane and Jill were taking me out to lunch for my birthday.  Lunch was awesome as was the company.  At the grocery store I purchased two pounds of butter and two cans of rotel tomatoes–$16!!!  And people wonder why I’m not happy with our grocery store!  I don’t mind paying higher prices for the convenience of buying groceries closer to home but I certainly don’t like being gouged!

Friday I was back on the road this time to Livingston for physical therapy.  The knee is better some days, not so good on others. The physical therapy helps. I ran a couple errands and before you know it, the day was done again.  Back home I gave the needy Emmi some attention and prepared to go back to town once again.

The Montana ATV gang–the folks we ride the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range with every spring–are heading to Utah to ride the Paiute Trail and we are going along.  Friday night we had a planning meeting in town. And that means we’ve had to make tracks as in get to packing!!  Plus we have all these other items on our busy agenda such as birthday lunches, physical therapy and a looong day in Billings coming up.  Life is good!

Saturday night our friends Max and Dave came for dinner.  I made an old fashioned pot roast in the Instant Pot and Max brought lots of veggies from her garden.  We enjoyed our delicious meal and great conversation.

Last Thursday morning dawned crisp and mostly sunny.  Notice the white patch to the left of the pointed peak–the mountains had a dusting of snow. We’ve been up to that meadow on horses back in our horse pack trip days.

Tonight Lonn, Michael, Katie and the kiddos came for dinner.  In our family we have lots of September birthdays.  Mine is first on the then Michael’s (our grandson-in-law) is today, John’s (our other grandson-in-law) is tomorrow, Katie’s is Tuesday and daughter Shannen’s is Friday.  Lot’s of birthdays.  We celebrated Michael and Katie’s birthdays tonight and I made one of the best meals ever!  It was time to clean out the freezer so I cooked both a beef tenderloin and a tri-tip roast–both were absolutely outstanding!  We accompanied the beef with Brenda’s cheesy potatoes, salad and green beans.  For dessert we had that awesome flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberries.  It was a great evening and very hard to say goodbye to those two babies–they were so good tonight–Emmi didn’t think so as they were in her toy box but Mimi and Grandpa loved having them. Hopefully they will come to visit this winter.

Life is really good.


8 thoughts on “Busy, Busy Days

  1. I’ll say you have been busy. I almost feel guilty for being so lazy! I do love the Instant Pot! Hope the knee continues to get better. The moon shot is beautiful! You are very blessed to have so much family close by…gay


    1. We are blessed Gay–I love those babies–they are in a perfect stage right now. We miss Laci and Lora but soon they will be back in the States and closer we hope. I wish I used the Instant Pot more.


  2. Thank you for the moon shot! We had cloud cover here.
    Hmm, 2 lbs. butter here is about $5 each, so that’s $10, that leaves $3 per can of Rotel tomatoes, yep, about the same here in Maryland. Check on those prices when you get out to Utah and see what the butter and canned tomatoes are selling for.
    Good Luck on your trail riding!


    1. I checked the price at Walmart in Billings and Rotel was $0.98/can. Didn’t check the butter–maybe I should. Groceries just shouldn’t cost that much but you have to eat so there it is.


  3. That moon shot is gorgeous! We didn’t get to see it as the cloud cover moved in 😦 We have the same thing with birthdays in August – Bill, one son, and all three grandsons – and several friends.


  4. Lovely full moon photo, Janna! That’s a lot of September birthday’s. We have birthday July. I’m sure saying good bye to the great grandbabies was tough. They change so much now. Have a fun trip!!


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