Let Us Not Forget

Last night I spent some time scrolling through Facebook reading various posts about the people who went to sleep the night of September 10, 2001 blissfully unaware of what horror was to befall them the next day.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched and listened to videos of the last moments of those lives.  It was a horrible day in our country’s history and one I hope is never repeated. Let us not forget those brave souls and let us not forget for one minute who caused those many deaths.

I posted this next paragraph on Facebook this morning and I apologize if you’ve all ready seen it—–You’ve all seen the story on Facebook about missing 9/12/2001. While I would never, ever want another 9/11, I miss my country that was on 9/12. I was traveling for work and was in Fargo, ND on September 11, 2001. I remember total strangers in the operating room hugging me, I remember the lists on the desks at the hotel of people offering rides to total strangers, I remember the non-stop horrifying images on the hotel room TV, I remember the sadness of the faces in the convenience stores where I would stop for gas as I drove my rental car home to Montana. I remember the quietness of people who took my money for snacks, the sadness. I remember the quietness of our skies those few days–no airplanes flying. And I remember the look of the Billings, MT airport as I drove in to return my rental car and retrieve my truck–this had been the airport where I was so well known, the skycap would call me by name, the Delta agents at the desk would greet me before I even reached the counter, “good morning Mrs.C….., here are you boarding passes, have a great flight,”—now there were concrete barriers where before there had been none, there were armed to the teeth National Guard soldiers everywhere, my rental vehicle was searched before I was allowed to enter the airport grounds, the airport car rental counter employees so quiet. And I remember our flag flying everywhere, the cohesiveness of our population, the patriotism. I want the country I saw on 9/12 back.

Geez, it’s kind of wet here.  Close to two inches of rain since the weekend and dang chilly.  I guess fall has really arrived! Monday the Cowboy worked on the little wood burning stove he has built for our Arizona home and Tuesday he finished and painted it.  Ready to load into the trailer.  Monday was a major chore day for me–cleaned house top to bottom, laundry, sheet changing–you get the picture!

Tuesday I was up and out the door early–my first physical therapy appointment for my knee was in Livingston at 10am.  I was thoroughly examined by Nikki and then given a set of exercises to do on my own which I have done faithfully.  After the PT I went shopping–Livingston has many cute, eclectic little stores and I love shopping there to find unique gifts.  I hit the Obsidian Collection–really cute, unique gifts for everyone, the Copper Moose–a gourmet food store with great oils, vinegars, sauces, etc., the Wine Cellar–you guessed it and lastly Bob’s Outdoor–great clothes!!

Albertson’s for groceries was also on my list.  Oh, my, goodness!!!  That store was a mad house! They had crews changing the layout and location of every single shelved item. The aisles were blocked with carts of merchandise the crews had removed and not returned to different shelves as of yet. By the time I got to the end of my list I was worn out and angry–why do this major an overhaul in the middle of the day???  I was ready to read someone the riot act when I reached the cashier line.  Then—this young, beautiful, perky young woman was in front of me.  She was so incredibly pleasant to the cashier, smiling, chatting with him, and thanking him.  I decided to follow her example! 🙂

Onward, I donated a bunch of dog food to the Livingston animal shelter–food that Emmi can no longer eat now that she is on a low fat diet.  Then it was over the hill on that muddy rough road to Katie’s.  I had mended some clothes for her and had hoped to also see the kiddos–but they were napping so Katie and I had a nice visit.

Last stop was more muddy, rough miles up to our friend John’s house.  John makes beautiful pottery and I have a set of his dishes–at least I used to have a set but my dinner plate collection was decreasing by the day it seemed.  He’s going to make more dinner plates and a gift item I requested.  The Cowboy purchased the set of John’s pottery shortly after we were married, almost 25 years ago.

Today we’ve watched it rain, packed a little and I quilted a bit on my bunny quilt–I really, really want to finish that one before we leave!

Taken a few days ago on the last sunny afternoon we saw before this deluge!


6 thoughts on “Let Us Not Forget

  1. It’s even wetter in North Central Nebraska and up in S. Dakota. Serious flooding to the west of us with roads & bridges washed out. Two counties completely shut down their county roads because they don’t have enough barricades to mark the washouts and bridges & culverts washed out. Pretty much the same in S. Dakota….one big lake with water washing over the roads. Gavins Point Dam & I suppose the ones further upstream have lowered their discharge drastically to try to prevent worse flooding downstream. Of course that will mean flooding upstream. The people with cabins upstream of the dams will get hit again.


  2. Wow, you really knocked out a lot on that errand day!! Hope the PT goes well, I’ve always found it the best of all medicine. Love that rainy pic of the mountains. We’ve had lots of afternoon rain here in AZ. While it’s wonderful, and the area is lush and green, it will mean lots of “vegetation” to deal with at your place.


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