Quiet Holiday Weekend

Please excuse the buggy windshield, I took this photo as we were leaving home Wednesday morning headed to Billings.  My job is to help watch for the suicidal deer who are determined to plaster themselves all over your vehicle–we were driving the motorhome–so it was even more important for me to watch for deer but I couldn’t help taking a break to take this photo.

Monday the Cowboy worked on his concrete pour project in the morning and then we retrieved Max and Dave at their house near us. They wanted to buy us lunch and who are we to turn down an offer like that.  We headed to Livingston and enjoyed another great meal at the Rib and Chop House.  We took a little driving tour and then back home we went to our two needy dogs.

Tuesday it was more concrete work for the Cowboy and chore day for me–laundry, etc.

As I said above, Wednesday we left home at dawn and didn’t get home until 6pm–long, long day.  We took the motorhome as there is no way I was asking our friend Kathy to come to our house that early in the morning–she is most definitely NOT a morning person! The forecast for Billings was HOT and when we started home it was 100 degrees.  The generator and air conditioner in the motorhome work well! And so does the dash air!  The Cowboy had a routine yearly doctor’s appointment which went well.

Next on the agenda was a dentist appointment for me.  Another one of my Mexican dental work crowns has been giving me trouble–every time I bite something hard with that tooth I get a little “zing.”  This has been going on for about two years.  My Billings dentist thought maybe the crown was just sitting high and would buff the tooth each time I went in.  Today they took x-rays again even a panoramic one (not sure that’s exactly what it’s called!) and could see nothing on the x-rays.  So we wait.  The dentist and I do not want to just start drilling through crowns trying to locate the problem tooth–they can’t isolate the issue when I am in the chair and I cannot be totally certain which tooth it is–one of two.  So we wait.

We did manage a Costco run and lunch in between doctor’s appointments.  My last appointment was with the orthopedic surgeon for my knee.  Dr. Goover started practicing with Ortho Montana three weeks ago and I really liked him–plus he was super easy on the eyes!! 😉  After x-rays were taken he told me, “you have a very young knee!!!”  This was really good to hear as my mom had a total knee when she was about my age!  With that said, he thinks I have probably torn my medial collateral ligament which runs up the inside of my knee.  I possibly have a torn meniscus too but we elected to wait and see how well the cortisone injection and physical therapy improve my pain before doing a MRI.

Image result for knee anatomy

Walmart to do our grocery pickup then home–whew, what a day!!!

Maintenance work.

Life is good.

8 thoughts on “Quiet Holiday Weekend

  1. I’m thinking that is good news for the knee, but perhaps not so good news for the crown. Let’s hope the wait & see is s long time with no pain! I sure love a gorgeous sunrise…thanks for sharing! Gay


    1. Max and Dave have Jake–he’s a huge mixed breed, adorable but needy–terrified of thunder and lightening. Yes, the Cowboy and I have been discussing the growing older business! LOL!


  2. I’m not seeing the bugs, just a gorgeous sky!! So glad your little motorhome is working out so well for all the ways you want to use it! Bummer about more dental issues. Nice to have a dentist you trust, and enjoy looking at 🙂


  3. When I looked at that “buggy windshield” I couldn’t find any bugs. How nice of the camera to leave them out. I love the beautiful sunrise….but it also tells me that the sun is rising later and later if you are already out and on the road to a Dr. appointment! Fall is in the air, along with a lot of little leaves….


    1. I’m so glad all those bugs are not so visible in the photo. Yes, fall is most definitely in the air here in Montana–our high temps are falling into the 60’s in the coming days–I’m ready!


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