Road Miles

We’ve been putting on some miles the last few days.  Thursday was a yoga day in town at our instructor’s home where we all learned a good friend/neighbor had been injured in a horrific horse wreck on Wednesday.  She had multiple injuries and was in a Billings hospital ICU.  After lunch the Cowboy and I decided to make the drive to Billings to see our friends.  When we arrived we were immensely relieved to find she had been moved from ICU to an orthopedic floor.  We were able to spend a few minutes talking to her and her family.  She will have a long road to recovery but will recover–she’s a strong, strong woman and ranch wife.

Also on Thursday a good friend had surgery–a guy type surgery–for an enlarged prostate.  His procedure was a new, cutting edge one–prostatic artery embolization (PAE)–and there is actually a radiologist performing these procedures in Bozeman, MT.  Friday afternoon late we drove to their home to visit for a while and warn the patient that if he didn’t behave I was coming back in my “nurse” clothes!

It was dang chilly at our house on Friday and we even had a rain shower.  Never in all the time we’ve lived in this house, 18 years, have we not run the underground lawn sprinklers and flower bed waters on a daily basis in summer.  This summer the sprinklers have been off more than on–I’m loving this weather we’ve had this summer!

The concrete patio work continues–now the Cowboy is under a deadline–his helper, Lonn and the redi-mix are coming on Thursday of next week.  He’s close to being ready–almost.

Saturday evening Nancy and Geoff along with Boo and Terry joined us for dinner here at home.  Even if I do say so myself–I outdid myself!  Nancy provided a delicious salad with greens from her garden and Terry (he cooks!) made his tomato pie, YUM!  I roasted a prime rib on the grill and made garlic mashed potatoes.  The prime rib was absolutely perfect!  For dessert I made a flour less chocolate cake–oh, my goodness was it ever good!!  I used Michael’s mother’s tablecloth and crystal glasses, my grandmother’s silver and my china.  It was a great evening spent with good friends!

Sunday I quilted for a bit but my knee is not cooperating.  I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday–let’s hope he has some suggestions–this knee is cramping my style!  The Cowboy worked off and on, puttering with the concrete project. Emmi slept and played ball when someone was willing to throw it for her.

Nancy grows the most beautiful sunflowers and brought me some last night–they are gorgeous!!

6 thoughts on “Road Miles

  1. Those sunflowers are beautiful! As I was reading your post I got to thinking about that so many posts I read these days are about health issues… ours or our friends. Is it age? the times? what? Whatever… I am thankful not only that most of us have the resourcefulness to deal with those… but also the inner strength (thank you God) to deal with them as well. It just ain’t gonna get easier for most of us… so we need all what we can gather from wherever to get through with it all. Didn’t mean to get on on rant… and sincerely hope your friend recovers with good health.


    1. We are at that age Sharon as are most of our friends where things start to fall apart, our reflexes are slower and accidents happen–all part of aging I think. Our friend in the horse wreck is younger–barely 50 years old I think–and a strong woman. She and her family are one of three families in this valley who still make their living solely from ranching.


  2. Sorry to hear about your friend in the accident. Hope she continues with a speedy recovery. The cake looks moist and yummy with the cute little pumpkin. The sunflowers are beautiful! I love the darker ones. Good luck at the doctor’s. Hope you get an answer.


    1. Thanks Pam. Dava posted on Facebook Sunday for the first time since her accident–she was brave and even included photos!!! She is young, just over 50 I think and strong. She and her family are one of only three ranching families left in this valley who make their living solely from ranching.


  3. What a wonderful life…I love reading about your everyday activities! Glad to hear your friend is better and good luck with the knee! I agree with Pam, the flowers are so pretty and so summer! Gay


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