New Deck Project

These little guys let me get within just a few feet of them.  Emmi wasn’t paying attention.

It’s very unusual that we have a project–right??  No, as you all know it’s the norm around here!  The Cowboy decided as part of the rain drainage project he would remove our old (18 years) wooden deck and replace it with concrete.  He would also go around the east end of the house, taking a large portion of my backyard flower bed and build a concrete deck almost the entire length of the east side of the house. I’m OK with all of this project and today I even helped!

This is where the back door deck was located and there will soon be a concrete deck.

When the Cowboy started digging around the corner from where the rig is sitting he dug up some columbine plants which I then planted in a bare spot in the front yard flower bed. Long ago I planted day lilies in the backyard flower bed–I’ve decided I’m not a fan of day lilies!  They grow like weeds and take over plus after the first freeze they require a lot of maintenance.  I’m going for less maintenance! 🙂   I also painted the lower boards of the house with a sticky, black tar substance–Henry’s.  I managed to keep most of it on the boards and not on me! Emmi did her best to get tarred but I think we managed to keep her out of that messy stuff.

Well–I ordered a new mattress today.  The Winnebago motorhome we just purchased came with a really, really nice “looking” mattress.  When you first lay down it’s comfortable.  But as the night wears on it’s not so comfortable–in fact, it’s downright uncomfortable!  I have only spent one night sleeping on the mattress and had all ready decided in my mind that a new one was in order.  The Cowboy took the motorhome this past week when he took his “guys” trip.  When he came home he said, “you can order that mattress any time!”  I laughed and laughed!  Well–I decided I would try placing a 3 inch gel foam mattress pad which we all ready owned on top of the uncomfortable mattress before I ordered a new mattress.  Last night I went out to the motorhome and slept on that combination.  I ordered a new mattress today. 🙂  Decided to order from Costco as they have such a fabulous return policy.  We’ve had to repack a “mattress in a box” so as to return it and it was not fun.  If we don’t like the “mattress in a box” from Costco we can just return it to the store.

Life is good–I need to get out and take some photos!

12 thoughts on “New Deck Project

  1. Haha! What a hoot! You two just have to have some kind of project going on. And you never choose something small. Good luck with the new patio. Can’t wait to see it finished.
    Yes, nothing worse than an uncomfortable mattress. Hope the new one works out.


  2. A good nights sleep makes for a much better day! Good decision to get a new mattress! Can’t wait to see the finished patio project…you are always so busy and productive!


  3. My daughter loves her “Casper” mattress. It also comes in a box and I believe the company picks it up if it was not suitable. She normally has a hard time to find a good mattress but is totally satisfied now. Hope you will be happy with yours.
    Looking forward to pictures of your reno!


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