What A Fabulous Summer We’ve Had

I can’t remember when we’ve had such a glorious summer and as Bayfield Bunch Al said, it’s flown by!  We’ve had no 100 degree days and only a couple 90 degree days. Our long range forecast for the end of August shows temps in the 70’s and even some in the 60’s.  I will take it!

Thursday morning Emmi and I pulled out of Shannen and Mark’s at the crack of dawn after watching their dog and a buck deer play with each other out in the field.  The dog is supposed to keep the deer from getting into the stacks of hay–I think they might need to come up with another plan! 🙂 Once on the highway we dodged a couple deer ourselves and made it to the dentist office with only minutes to spare.

The root canal is finally finished.  The endodontist told me, “don’t be in a hurry to get a new crown, let’s see if this works.”  Didn’t instill too much confidence but I can hope!  It was a tough appointment.  I’m not a dentist wimp by any stretch of the imagination.  Now my sister and my brother–that’s another story–at least when they were young! 🙂 🙂 I wore braces on my teeth for three years as a teenager. I had a spacer bar in the top of my mouth which had to be expanded each night with the turn of a little key–my teeth hurt all the time!  I drank a lot of milkshakes and wouldn’t drink one as an adult for a long time–couldn’t stand the taste or texture.  I’ve had my share of crowns and fillings.  My Dad had horrible teeth and wore dentures as far back as I can remember.  Mom doesn’t have the strongest of teeth either so I came by it honestly.

But back to the “I’m not a dentist wimp…..”  When the dentist was injecting me this time he hit the actual nerve sending a major electric feeling shock out to my lip.  OUCH!! He also did some major pushing and pulling so my jaw was sore.  I sure hope this root canal works!

After the dentist Emmi and I headed to Walmart for our grocery order then pointed the truck toward home.  It’s usually me doing the traveling leaving Emmi and the Cowboy at home.  When we got home Emmi wandered all around looking for her other people–she was a sad pooch!  I unloaded the truck camper and collapsed!

Friday I puttered a bit, quilted a bit and was very glad to see the Cowboy pulling into the driveway late afternoon.  He is so pleased with the way the motorhome performed pulling the cargo trailer with CanAm inside.  He had a great time–he was hoarse from talking and laughing so much–it was a good trip!

Clouds rolling over the Crazy Mountains.

Saturday the Cowboy installed on the motorhome the new air bag the company sent us after the original one had a leak. In the late afternoon we went to a party.  And for some strange reason I left my camera at home.  One of the area ranches was celebrating their 100th anniversary.  It was a beautiful setting right beside the Boulder River. Under a big white tent, were beautifully decorated heavy duty, gorgeous tables made from former bridge planks–with benches to match.  Dave, the owner of the ranch made the tables.  The food was marvelous–Dave, Peggy and friends created all the food.  There was a great band from Red Lodge, MT–Band Montana. It was a fun party!!

Usually we each do our own breakfasts.  I eat yogurt with fruit and granola, the Cowboy eats cereal or makes himself an omelet.  On Sunday I frequently make bacon and eggs.  We then will have a later than usual lunch–that’s what we did today because I’ve been quilting!  I finished the little “It’s A Dog’s Life” quilt and now just have to hand stitch the binding.

And here are more photos of our adorable great grandchildren.

Grandpa Lonn and the wild bunch! Hey, who said my babies could ride those big ole horses????

These two kids are growing up in one of the most beautiful places on earth just like their Mom and Aunt Laci did.

19 thoughts on “What A Fabulous Summer We’ve Had

  1. Those last photos of all the little kids are amazing. So darn cute! Who gets the Dog’s Life quilt? Did you do all that tiny amazing detailed quilting on your longarm? How in the world did you do that? I just finished quilting John’s quilt, doing some goofy meanders, loops, and even a feather or two, but I am not about to put up a picture of it! LOL I love that quilt, Janna, showed the photo to Mo and she was amazed too. Sorry about the root canal, ugh!


  2. Good luck on being finished with the dentist! I too have had a lifetime of dental work and now it is starting all over and believe me it is not the same as it used to be! It is all geared to younger people and they only do what their computers tell them to do.I didn’t have any of it done in Mexico….that would be the worse nightmare for me. Too much to go into here but if ;you ever want to swap war stories feel free to come over when you ever get back to Congress for a few days.


  3. I am a dentist wimp…and a big one at that! Knock on wood, I have never had a root canal, but do have several crowns.

    Your quilt is amazing! So pretty and so much detail! And those grand babies are adorable! Love those last two pictures…


  4. Hey I had a US dentist mess a tooth up for 1800 bucks and I had to go back and he fixed it for another 1800 dollars and it’s still not really right. Oh that was just for the root, the two crowns cost another 3600 bucks. Seems there’s bad dentists everywhere not just in Mexico. He also caused my left jaw to snap shut and it’s still bad too. On a friends referral of him and his wife using a guy for 17 years I tried Mexico this year and was very happy for a zirconium crown and a root for 700 dollars. My US dentist was impressed with the work and I’ve not had the problems I had with the US root dentist. You just never know. I look at doctors like this. How many good mechanics do you know besides your hubby? I’d say there’s about 1 in a 100 good mechanics and doctors are people mechanics so guess what. You were in he medical business as I recall and you know just how many really good doctors were around eh. Unfortunately we have to use them as there’s not much else. Sorry about all the pain.


    1. And you are totally correct! I have a crown in my mouth that was done here in our local community–not a good job! But I’ve now tried three different Mexican dentists and think I will stick with those on the US side!


  5. Don’t talk about the root canal!! I am hoping to get a cancellation this week for my root canal. The first opening was Sept 3 and we are planning to leave for a our fall trip that day. Might have to push our departure back a day. I’ve had one root canal and it went so smoothly back in PA. Hope this new doctor is as good.

    Glad to hear Michael had a fun time with his friends.

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! I love all this puffy puppies. Just amazing, Janna!

    Such neat photos of the great grands on those huge horses. They look so comfortable…naturals.


    1. I have one other root canal and it was very easy except I developed giardia on the same day!! Had a 103 degree temperature and could not leave the bathroom, miserable! Called the dentist and he said, “I didn’t cause that!!” Seems a restaurant in Austin, TX gave over 100 people giardia one weekend day with contaminated ice–I was one of the lucky customers! Thanks for the quilt compliments–I too love that little quilt. Not sure how I feel about my babies being on those big horses but what can I say–the entire family is horse addicted.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I, too, have one other root canal and it was so easy and painless. People rave about the fellow doing the one here in Henderson. I really would have preferred flying back to PA to have it done but the timing isn’t good since we leave the day after the root canal for seven weeks in Colorado. Finger crossed all goes smoothly.
        Yes, the kids need little ponies and then it wouldn’t be so scary!


  6. Your g-grandkids are so cute…and look so little on those horses.
    I had one of those “zinger” shots when I had to have a tooth pulled. They just couldn’t get it numbed, but that last shot when she hit the nerve certainly did the job. Ouch! Then the tooth was hard to get out and she managed to crack a tooth next to it. No offer of taking care of that one for free though. Hubby recently had a crown…almost a thousand $…and now he says he can’t chew on that side because it & the one above it hurt when he does.


  7. I’m so fortunate to have a great dentist who has never hurt me, even with extractions and implants. In fact I haven’t even needed a Tylenol afterwards. Hope you’re done with dental work for a long time! Glad Michael had such a great time with the guys. We’ve enjoyed a mild summer as well, and love the cooler temps!


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