On My Own

Bright and early Monday morning the Cowboy was on the phone with Air Lift, the manufacturers of the air bags he had just installed on both the truck and motorhome.  A new bag is on its way to us–great customer service!  We spent the day puttering with the rigs–motorhome and truck camper.

 It’s a good thing we own two RVs at the moment! You see, we had some scheduling conflicts. The Cowboy had planned to head out with some of his long, long time friends for a few days of tall tale sharing, ATVing and hot springs soaking. I had a hair cut appointment scheduled in Billings during the time the Cowboy would be gone. Those two events would not have been a problem. Then the endodontist called–they had an opening and could move up my last root canal appointment by more than two weeks. Now I had appointments on two different days. Haircut could not be rescheduled and I wasn’t messing with that root canal appointment! So, we decided I would take the truck camper to Billings on my own!! The Cowboy would take the motorhome.

Parked outside the hair salon you can see truck and camper are still in one piece! I would run out the slide, start the generator and air conditioner so the Princess Emmi could stay cool each time I stopped to go in a store. It was miserably hot in Billings today.

When I finished my errands we headed out to Shannen’s–the Cowboy’s daughter and her family who live just outside Billings on 20 acres. I really didn’t feel comfortable boondocking by myself in Billings. I would have had to run the generator all night so as to stay cool. I’m not inclined to pay Billings RV park prices so I have a place to sleep–$80 a night! Hotels which take pets do not allow the pets to be left alone in the rooms so the truck camper it was!

Parked at Shannen’s with views all around. They’ve gone off to barrel race tonight and I declined to go–way too hot for this girl!! Emmi and I are hanging out in the air conditioning!

I love this photo!! Laci and Lora are back in Germany. On the flight to Germany Lora suddenly realized she had her first loose tooth. I gather there was a little drama. 😁😁

Life is good!

10 thoughts on “On My Own

  1. Oh, good for you on your own. Nice when you can be flexible and take care of things when needed. But, of course, you are nothing if not a Pioneer Woman…with a Cowboy. LOL Hot yuck. Not fun. Glad you had a cool alternative. and 80 bucks a night in Billings? I guess we wouldn’t be using any of those RV parks any time soon.


    1. And there is not much reason for tourists to spend time in Billings. For a long time the headquarters for KOA was located in Billings. They had a great lobbyist and for years encouraged the city of Billings to prevent anyone from parking overnight anywhere but in one of the three highway robbery campgrounds. About two years ago that rule was rescinded but the RV parks are often full during summer months.


    1. We tease each other about blue jobs versus pink jobs but when it comes to RVing I have a working idea how most systems work. The Cowboy has given me the confidence to drive rigs larger than cars—much to my dismay sometimes! The big dump truck freaked me out!!😳😳😳😳

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      1. When Mike was working on the oil rig in Texas in 2013/2014, I learned to do a lot of those blue job–dumped the tanks, had the propane filled, dumped Rollie’s tanks and pulled his propane tanks off his rig to have them filled–those guys worked way too many hours to have to do any other jobs when they got home in the evening! I seldom do any of those blue jobs now!


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