More Improvements

Everything worked in this new to us Winnebago Aspect but there were some things the Cowboy felt it needed.  We will be pulling a small cargo trailer and the motorhome did not have trailer brakes.  The Cowboy has installed trailer brakes on countless rigs but this one had him buffaloed!  We have the wiring diagrams and could see where the wires were located but those wires were connected to other things and the Cowboy wasn’t going to indiscriminately start cutting wires.  So, he crawled around under that coach all. day. long! on Thursday without success.  Friday morning he made the decision to run totally new wire from the connection on the rear bumper to the brake controller on the dash.  That took him all. day. long. and then some!  Whew!

When we lost our minds and purchased that R-Pod we joined a Facebook group for R-Pod owners.  We learned a lot, cringed a lot and chuckled a lot.  When we brought home the Aspect we joined a Facebook group for Aspect and Cambria owners.  Right away the Cowboy noticed the discussion about rear air bags. On some of the longer models rear air bags are an option.  He was concerned about the low rear clearance on our 26 foot rig.  So, as he had just installed air bags on our Ford pickup for hauling the truck camper, he decided air bags were a good idea for the Aspect.  Amazon to the rescue!  Saturday the Cowboy was once again crawling around under the Aspect installing air bags only to find at the end of the day one of the bags has a leak.  We will call the company Monday morning and hope they will ship us just a bag so he doesn’t have to remove everything (the dual rear wheels have to be removed to install airbags) and ship it back to Amazon.

Saturday I quilted–it’s been along time but it was a day for quilting.  We had the strangest weather–a high of 65 degrees, windy and low hanging clouds all day.  I even made a large pot of spaghetti sauce–comfort food on a chilly August day.

Today the Cowboy dumped the tanks on the Aspect, hooked up the trailer and mounted the trailer spare tire in a different place–he’s taking a trip soon–joining some of the guys from his high school days to ride ATVs and soak in the hot springs.  Emmi and I will hold down the fort.

It was warmer today but still a gorgeous day–you can feel fall in the air.


10 thoughts on “More Improvements

    1. If I had been drinking coffee when I read your comment I would have spit it out I laughed so hard! Yes, the Cowboy has worn swim trunks–in our early days of RVing we occasionally stayed at Beaudry’s in Tucson–they had great hot tubs. And that resort where we spent a couple winters, Lake Medina in Texas–they had an awesome hot tub.


  1. Your cowboy is just plain amazing. Hope he and the guys have a great trip. It was gorgeous here this morning. 78 when I went for my walk at 5. But the days sure dont feel like fall is coming yet.


  2. Pictures just beautiful!
    We haven’t had rain in over 3 months here in Calif valley,
    maybe longer. Getting ready for almond harvest time, whew,
    dusty and hot all over this valley. So ,your pictures really
    look good to me.
    I think your Cowboy deserves a vacation, quite a guy!


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