A Birthday and Demolition

Five years ago Wednesday we were awaiting the arrival of this sweet, sweet little girl.  We were on our way to Alaska with Geri and Larry, staying in a RV park in Great Falls.  Lora arrived in the evening–a tiny blond, blue eyed girl who looks so much like her mom! Lora has become a world traveler–she lives in Germany with her mom Laci and USAF dad John.  We are so glad she was in Montana for her fifth birthday.  Cousins Millie and Brooks joined in the action and Lora graciously let them.  John and Laci do not live on base in Germany and their neighbors are also their landlords.  They have also become family.  There was a box of presents for Lora, Brooks, Millie and the rest of the family sent all the way from Germany–good people.

Monday bright and early before the crack of dawn I was off to Billings for another root canal appointment.  Same root canal, second appointment with a third scheduled.  I am going to do a separate post on my Mexico dental experiences at a later time.  There will be no more Mexican dentists for this lady.

Demolition–YIKES!  We’ve lived in this house with a full basement for 18 years. The Cowboy has been thinking our driveway was sloping too much toward the house due to years of mud accumulation. He decided we needed some dirt work and drain pipe to drain any rain water away from the house.  Now it’s an obstacle course out our back door!  But, the Cowboy is quick–it’s what he did for a living for many years.

Tuesday we went to Bozeman on a wild goose chase.  Photos in Craigslist ads are deceiving!  The Cowboy saw a used fifty inch wide Polaris RZR for sale for a reasonable price.  The ad stated it only had 1200 miles on the odometer and it was a 2011.  Well–if that odometer was correct someone rode that poor RZR to death in a short period of time!  It had been rolled on its side, it had been ridden over some mighty tough terrain and looked it! Needless to say, we passed!

Today I went to yoga–more than a week ago I tweaked my knee– I fell while spraying weeds.  I have avoided yoga but as the knee wasn’t getting much better I decided yoga couldn’t hurt.  I was careful and did only the stretches and exercises which didn’t aggravate my knee–it was good to be back!

Glorious weather today–a high of about 75 degrees–life is good!


12 thoughts on “A Birthday and Demolition

  1. Oh dear. So many folks do Mexican dental work, I’ll look forward to reading your post about your experience. We have never tried it, and while I was game, Mo wasn’t in the least. Knee stuff. dang. Me too. Haven’t tried yoga. My vertigo keeps me from getting onto the floor. Made the mistake of going to a fun class with my friend in Eugene last month and go so sick I had to sleep at her house before I could drive home. Ick. That Cowboy certainly is useful!


  2. One thing about US root canals…they aren’t as dreadful here, or at least, mine wasn’t. Sure hope you get in and out of there in speedy manner with no aggravations.


    1. You are right Emjay–there’s been nothing horrible about this root canal other than having to have it re-done. The dentist is quick, the first visit was rather long but this last one was less than an hour.


  3. Love Lora’s outfits. She is all girl! Sweet that the all the grandchildren were together for the birthday. Boy, it seems like just yesterday you were waiting for Lora’s birth. Time goes by too quickly. John was worried when he read the title. That word “demolition” made him nervous about what trouble Michael be creating…haha!


  4. Darling birthday pics. How sweet for all of the kiddos to have presents from Germany. Some sellers are masters at creative writing – like some RV park websites 🙂 Hope the tooth and knee are both feeling better soon!


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