Dog Days Of Summer

Some of you may have noticed a really, really short post from me early Sunday morning. Well, I obviously hit the “publish” button instead of the “save draft” button!! Wasn’t quite finished–must not have had enough coffee!

There’s not much going on around here except for the normal and routine chores of summer.  Pond cleaning, garage cleaning, house cleaning.  The deck needs power washing and sealing–ugh!  We have managed to have a bit of fun too–Friday evening we went to the farmers market and brought food home for dinner–absolutely delicious tri-tip sandwiches–all the more delicious as I didn’t have to cook!  This photo (borrowed from Facebook) is of our friend Joan who raises beautiful flowers and sells them at the market.  We also scored tomatoes and sweet corn.  The market gains new vendors every week and it’s fun to see and visit with friends.

Saturday we were both couch potatoes–too much work on Thursday and Friday! The Cowboy has started his air bag install on the pickup–

My first day lily–

An American Kestrel (I think!) My camera amazes me at times–it is a Nikon Coolpix P600 with a 60x zoom.  It is a fully automatic camera with a few adjustable settings.  It’s hard to hold a camera steady with the zoom all the way out but sometimes I get lucky.  Look at the detail in the limbs–you can see the worm tracks and this dude was WAY up at the top of a huge cottonwood tree.

It is definitely the dog days of summer in Arkansas and my family takes to the river sometimes–and also to try out Trenton’s (my nephew) new boat.  These photos were taken by my sister-in-law Vicky (Trenton’s mom).  Vicky has a photography business–Candid Captures and she has the eye, taking some gorgeous photos! Clayton is driving and Trenton (the older brother and owner of the new boat) is making sure he does it right.  It’s hard to believe these boys have grown up and are now such good looking, good men.  Love them!

Homemade pizza for lunch and I just may get in some quilting this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Dog Days Of Summer

  1. Hard to believe either of you took a couch potato day :-))) Wonderful kestrel shot. I too love my zoom and am often surprised by what I’ve captured when I get it back to the computer!


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