Summer Has Arrived

Saturday dawned clear–yep, clear–no clouds all day except those pretty, fluffy white ones and just a few of those.  The Cowboy raked the hay he cuts for a neighbor early.  We decided to take one last ATV ride and rode up the East Boulder to Moccasin Lake.  It was a very chilly, windy day so jackets were in order–I’m loving these cooler July temps!  This ride is a low key, easy, close to home one we always enjoy.

We’ve never seen such a profusion of wildflowers on this trail as we did Saturday–massive amounts of wild geraniums, Indian paintbrush, columbine–beautiful.

Saturday evening we ventured into town for dinner at the Grand and declined dessert so we could have our ice cream at home.  🙂 🙂

Sandy took these two photos–Tom and Emmi enjoyed the summer day and sunset light illuminating our house.

All those rain clouds we’ve had do make for some gorgeous sunsets!

Sunday morning we said our “see you later” to friends Tom and Sandy.  Good friends are one of life’s greatest pleasures and we so enjoyed their company.  Come back any time Tom and Sandy!

A meadowlark singing his heart out on top of one of those “finally” finished hay bales.  Sunday was another glorious Montana summer day–blue skies, breeze, and only a high of 74 degrees–but the heat is coming, it’s on it’s way!

Sunday we installed a roll out awning I had purchased hoping it would provide some shade on our south facing sunny deck.  It may help some but not as much as I had hoped.  Monday temps were warmer–I guess it is July 22! ;)–summer may have arrived.  The Cowboy hauled hay bales today and I did some weed spraying, weed whacking and mowing–whew!


8 thoughts on “Summer Has Arrived

  1. It is so beautiful there! I must visit Montana someday. The wildflowers were beautiful and the temps sound delicious! Don’t you two work too hard. Enjoy your Summer.


  2. We travel to the general Yellowstone area every year about mid-August until mid-September. I just love it there. Even when it’s hot it’s not unbearable. Here in Michigan we just came off a spell of high heat and humidity so I’m really looking forward to our trip this year.


  3. You really have had some wonderful temps this summer. We had our first monsoon yesterday which missed Apache Junction but has left us with 81 this morning and 65% humidity which is about ready to drown us desert folk.


  4. So good to hear that your weather has improved and summer has arrived! The clouds do make for spectacular sunsets. Your photos are awesome. Glad you had a chance to take one last ride with your friends.


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