We Meet Blog Readers

Well, our friend John Brown said one time we shouldn’t complain about the rain–and I’m trying not to–but it sure would be nice if we could finish this haying business!  Shortly after I posted the blog Saturday evening we had one major thunderstorm roll through dumping almost one and a half inches of rain in less than 30 minutes!!  It thundered so hard the house shook–and it’s totally possible one of those “shakes” was an earthquake which was felt from Manhattan, Montana to Springdale, Montana. Several friends have commented on Facebook that they felt the quake so it’s entirely possible we did too–it was just so noisy with all the heavy rain and thunder.

The Cowboy did manage to bale some of the hay on Sunday before the next round of rain started–another two tenths. I spent an hour Sunday morning chopping weeds again–this time burdock which I might hate even more than hounds tongue!  Burdock is nasty stuff, each seed pod has a gazillion seeds which spread with the slightest contact.  I was chopping burdock on the steep hillside just over the creek from the house where I don’t want to spray–my bird feeders are there and I don’t want to kill the other vegetation.  If you catch burdock before it goes to seed you have a chance of eradicating the nasty stuff!

No haying going on Monday–too wet.  Our hay is grass hay, will probably dry and we don’t ever worry about getting a second cutting. Other ranchers/farmers up and down the valley have alfalfa hay and some grain on the ground.  That hay takes much longer to dry and the window for getting a second cutting is getting smaller and smaller.  Rain is again forecast for today.

Monday evening we drove to Livingston and met blog readers Michelle and Doug at the Rib and Chop House.  Delightful people who are spending their first summer of retirement traveling around the west.  When four people who’ve never met each other can spend almost two hours chatting I think there’s a connection!  And they have another RV world connection–they met Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch at their Congress, AZ house back in 2012.  And as I forgot to take a photo, I borrowed this one taken by Al.

And once again, no haying operations today–some rain, just enough to get the hay wet so far! I was on a cleaning streak today and the house looks mighty nice if I do say so myself.  The Cowboy has been hanging out in the garage building a wood stove for our Arizona house.  He thinks maybe he’s built close to 350 wood burning stoves for other people and himself.  I will take a photo when it’s completed.

I’m in search of a new bundt pan! The newer one I have in Arizona releases the cakes nicely.  The one I have in Montana makes my cakes look like a herd of mice have been snacking! Grrrrr!

And the peonies finally bloomed!




18 thoughts on “We Meet Blog Readers

  1. I am not complaining about the rain, but when my weather station rain gauge quit about 3 weeks we had 7.5 inches in June, and I bet we are close to that since then, We probably need a week or more of hot windy days before our hay will be dry enough to cut here. All that rain means we have a pretty heavy crop and if we cut it wet it will never dry. As for your bundt pan problems isn’t that why they make icing, use lots.


  2. Isn’t it fun when the blogging circles find their way around to you?! I love that part about the Rving blogging life. Isn’t burdock supposed to be a cancer fighter? And the peonies!! This is when I definitely notice the difference in elevation and latitude between you and me. My peonies finished back in early May.


    1. It’s weird this summer Sue–the peonies in town, 1200 feet lower are bloomed and gone. The people in town have day lily blossoms, I don’t even have buds! My irises were also really late. It is fun when RV blogging people reach out! And I’m not consuming anything made with that nasty weed! 🙂


  3. I keep telling Jim that he wouldn’t be doing a whole lot of fishing even if we could have gone to Canyon Ferry this year because of all the storms. Makes him feel a little better (probably not). We haven’t had a monsoon storm yet but they keep saying it’s coming. Your cowboy is amazing.


  4. Wish we could get some of your rain here in Az, so far no monsoons. My mom used to plant peonies when I was a child in SD, I just love them& lilacs too! Have you tried Joy baking spray on your bunds pan? It’s got flour in it & works wonders. Safe travels


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