Summer Arrived

This photo was taken with my iPhone Friday evening as we were coming back through town after dinner at Denny and Ellen’s.

Warm temps, sunshine and a breeze makes good weather for hay cutting and the Cowboy started that project Wednesday. Latest we’ve started haying in a long time.

Emmi has been making more trips with us to Billings than usual.  She always stayed with Grandpa Nat when we would travel to Billings during summer.  Tuesday when we delivered the motorhome to Billings Emmi came along.  It was lunch time when we finished all the business with the coach and we were hungry.  I used my Bring Fido app to find restaurants with pet friendly outdoor seating and the Billings Rib and Chop House popped up.  We frequent the Rib and Chop in Livingston and love it but had tried the Billings one twice when they first opened and we weren’t impressed.  Tuesday they impressed both in service and food.  When I inquired about patio seating the hostess went to find the manager–thunderstorms had been moving through and they had closed the patio which involved locking all the tables and chairs together with chains.  The hostess came back with a young man and they opened the patio for us.  That same young man was our excellent waiter.  Our food was delicious but the accommodating service was spectacular.  We will go back!

Our weather is so unstable–thunderstorms every afternoon.  Thursday the Cowboy finished cutting all the hay and Thursday afternoon late it rained a bit. Friday he raked the hay and it rained a bit. Saturday he started baling and it rained a bit.  We are not the only ones, there is hay on the ground from our place all the way to town. But, summer did arrive!  We went from low 70’s to high 80’s overnight.

Thursday was a busy day for me.  Yoga in town and errands, errands.  We had quite the collection of books–not any longer–in our cleaning out/ downsizing mode we boxed up tons of books and I donated them to the library.  The young man who helped me unload the boxes said their used books were depleted after the Friend’s of the Library book sale and they could really use more–YEA for both of us! I also took bunches of stuff to the local thrift store–they were also happy as was I!!

Friday was a weed whacking day for me–one of my least favorite chores! And it was hot! Friday afternoon we went to town to the farmers market and Jon had more good tomatoes.  After the market we drove north of town to Denny and Ellen’s where we joined Mark and Gemma for a wonderful dinner and re-connecting.  Denny and Ellen lived up the Boulder in years past, Mark and Gemma live up the Boulder but are incredibly busy still being employed full time plus–so we hadn’t seen these folks in a long time.  It was so good to see them again and spend time catching up.

Saturday I made quick trip into town, came home and made lunch then mowed grass.  While on the riding mower I saw a sage grouse  in the grass and she wasn’t eager to move.  As I got closer she did move to reveal about 8-10 tiny baby grouse.  I quickly shut off the mower deck and put the mower in reverse–that section of lawn will have to wait until the momma grouse has moved her babies.


10 thoughts on “Summer Arrived

  1. I love your stories of Montana life on the Boulder. Sage grouse chicks, no less, hay lined out in the fields, thunderstorms, all of it. Nice when a restaurant return turns out good


    1. I too love most of the parts of summer on the Boulder–friends, the green, flowers, parades–not so much the weather dependent haying. After I published the blog we had one doozie of a thunderstorm–hay is really wet this time!


  2. The sky has been very colorful lately even here. We’ve had some clouds but no rain in BC. We usually miss the rain and Vegas gets it and Kingman on the east side. So glad you realized the grouse were hiding in the tall grass before you mowed there. I am sure mama grouse is very thankful. Love the iris. What a great color!


  3. Amazing skies!! The hay was really late in Central Oregon too – was surprised to see so much yet to be mowed a couple weeks ago. Grouse medicine is very powerful, I’m sure mama and babies will bless your home 🙂


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