We Are Once Again RV-Less

When you have land, you have weeds and this year we have a bumper crop!  We spray, dig and pull weeds every summer but we still seem to have more weeds.  This year it’s hounds tongue. Sunday and Monday mornings I spent time on the end of a shovel digging and chopping.  I hate hounds tongue–each plant has a gazillion seeds.  When the plant goes dormant in the winter, the seeds dry and are extremely sticky.  The seeds attach themselves to deer, rabbits, and anything that moves including Emmi and us!  I hate hounds tongue!

Yes, we are once again RV-less.  We took the motorhome to Billings today, turned it over to its new owners and put the check in the bank.  The Cowboy invested countless hours in that motorhome fixing all the “everything works” that didn’t work.  We drove 950 miles round trip to get a new/used generator.  We discovered the “everything works” inverter was totally fried and installed a new one–inverters that size are very expensive! The Cowboy spent hours troubleshooting the AquaHot system which would not work and ordered countless parts–it works now and works well.  We are so fortunate that the Cowboy is handy but his patience was sorely tried! We were happy to deliver it in working order to the excited young couple–they are taking it on a trip this weekend to Cody, WY.

Sage grouse babies in our front yard Monday morning.  The mom was in the driveway clucking at all her little chicks.  They could fly so maybe the babies will survive.

More thunderstorms and rain last night, cool temperatures and very windy today.  The wind made driving the motorhome not so fun early this morning.

Stay tuned as we search for yet another RV–our friends Ralph and Angie said, “you’ve tried everything, what are you going to get now?”  Well, we haven’t tried everything and we do know what we don’t want–a R-Pod or a 42 foot motorhome–maybe something in between???


12 thoughts on “We Are Once Again RV-Less

  1. Check out a 21′ Escape. Built in Canada. Many of our Casita friends are moving to them. Larger than a Casita, but still molded fiberglass.


  2. I missed why you unloaded the R-Pod, but I’m guessing it was too tiny for comfort. Can’t wait to see what you try-on next 🙂 Hopefully nothing that requires so much of Michael’s hard work! The baby grouse is so cute.


    1. I second the Canadian Escape. Just acquired a 2010 19 footer, and it is world’s better than almost anything made in the USA; Plus, they hold their value!! I LOVE this little trailer. I only sleeps three (four, if they are children). You can check out a used one if you log onto their blog and follow the sales for awhile OR you can order a new one from the manufacturer in Chiliwack, BC. If you decide on a new one, it will take some time because this is a family run business. You wouldn’t regret a purchase, though.


  3. I guess the hand full of weeds I pulled when we returned wasn’t too bad after all. Gotta love the desert. You property was very lush and green, pretty but not fun to deal with. Watching the baby birds is so much fun. Our neighbor throws feed up on the hill behind us. We have a ton of quail. The babies are adorable. Love you grouse. Congrats on finding an owner for MH. Now…what is next!!??


    1. I love my desert yard–yes I have to spray weeds to keep them out of the gravel but it’s nothing compared to how much we have to do on 40 acres!! Mike stopped cutting hay in a particular patch yesterday because the baby grouse were scrounging around in that spot. We don’t know what’s next–something!


  4. Well yippee, you sold thr MH. Apparently you were never planning on keeping it.
    Certainly was pretty. Hope you made a tidy profit…..of course not
    considering the hours spent on it by the Cowboy.
    Weeds are a pain wherever, but sounds like yours are major.
    My sympathy.
    Hope you have some ‘free’ days soon!


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