One Gone

On Monday the R-Pod went down the road behind a truck which didn’t belong to us–one gone!  So sorry Linda A.–no photos of the inside of the R-Pod.

Emmi had a veterinarian appointment for her yearly checkup late Monday and we ran some errands while in town.  Emmi gets so stressed when going to the vet.  She literally tries to climb up onto the top of my head–any suggestions???   This time she was so stressed she vomited her worming medication all over the Cowboy–he wasn’t too impressed!

It’s still raining and chilly–the kids went to the Livingston parade yesterday and right in the middle of the parade it began to hail and rain.  Laci said she felt sorry for the people participating in the parade!  We were in Billings today and the high was only about 63 degrees–so sorry Sandi!!

Tuesday I finished a quilt and altered some jeans–so glad I can sew!  My Mom made her own clothes as well as clothes for my sister and me.  She made wedding, bridesmaid and prom dresses.  Some of her skills rubbed off on me–my sister not so much! 🙂 🙂

Wednesday the Cowboy had a dermatologist appointment in Billings and we left home rather early.  The doctor was not kind to him–several spots were frozen and two spots biopsied to see if anything more needs to be done.  He’s gonna look mighty beat up tomorrow!

On the way home from Billings I was driving.  There were two disabled vehicles by the road and I moved into the passing lane.  Just as I was almost directly opposite the vehicles a small child rounded the front of the vehicles and began to walk alongside the two cars!  The child was walking right alongside the freeway!  Some people do not deserve to have children!!

Our thunderstorms have been bringing not only rain but also some beautiful sunsets–

We are hibernating at home for July 4th.  We would love to go see some fireworks but dark occurs after 10pm in Montana this time of year–way too late for us two to be out!  🙂 🙂  Life is good!

Happy July 4th!!

13 thoughts on “One Gone

  1. Those sunset photos are gorgeous! Cooler here than normal but definitely not that cold! whew. I’ll settle for 70’s and 80’s instead of triple digits though. I missed something I think, didn’t realize you weren’t happy with your little Rpod for local camping trips. bye bye….Glad you had time for some quilting.


    1. I will write a post about the R-Pod–it just wasn’t the one for us! Thanks for the photo compliment–I am really loving Lightroom! I’m loving our cooler weather–we haven’t had these kind of summer temps in a long, long time!


      1. Oh that’s right! I forgot about you now using Lightroom. It is pretty amazing. I do hope we can continue to use the desktop version for a very long time. Till I die hopefully.


  2. Ask your vet for anxiety medication to give Emmie prior to her next Appointment. It will make the trip much more pleasant for you and her!


  3. I’ll have to say that you both are as good at selling RV’s
    as you are at buying them! Lol. Can’t say you
    are not having fun. We aren’t so good at selling anything, end up just about giving them away.
    Always enjoy your photos!


    1. Thanks Linda! One potential buyer for the motorhome told Mike to tell me, “your wife could have a career in taking photos of motorhomes for sale!” It’s all in the photos, detailed description and pricing the RV a little below book–and of course it helps to have purchased the RV for a good price–LOL!


  4. I was wondering about the R-Pod when we saw it. I really didn’t see you and Michael in that. Glad you found a new owner so quickly. People getting your rejects are getting a great RV. You and Michael do so much work on each unit. Love the kids in the wagon. So adorable. Beautiful sunsets!! Glad you are still having cooler temps. No flannel pj’s or down comforters here!!


    1. Those kids in the wagon got wet shortly after the parade begin! Lots of rain/hail–the kids said they felt sorry for the people in the parade. Flannel shirts, wool socks–doesn’t feel like the 4th of July around here, more rain today.

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