Road Trips

Meadowlark singing for us–one of my favorite things about spring!

Our road trips have not been the fun kind! Monday we went to Billings–I had another of those pesky doctor’s appointments which need to happen every year.  Tuesday it was just to town for a pedicure.  Wednesday it will be back to Billings for a root canal–horrors!!

Other than road trips it’s been quiet on the home front.  Chores and some actual relaxing if you can believe that!  Sunday was even a nap day–we are losing it aren’t we!

The Cowboy came in the house Sunday morning and told me to get my camera–a doe had just had a fawn up near our barn.  We drove up in the jeep coming around the back way so as not to disturb the mom and baby.  The mom was gone–maybe to get a drink of water but the little guy was standing by the fence and laid down quickly when he/she saw us.  They are pesky critters but I still love to see the babies.

Our almost five year old great granddaughter who with her mom just arrived from Germany yesterday.  This little girl is a traveling trouper!

I’ve spoken about the website Modern Mrs. Darcy   She is a book lover and each day has a Facebook post detailing book deals she has found.  One of Monday’s picks was the book Becoming Odyssa about a young woman of 21 who decides to hike the Appalachian Trail alone after she graduates college.  The premise of the book is great, the writing stinks and the amount of misspelled words, non-capitalized words and grammatical errors made me very glad I only paid $.99 for the book!!  Get a proofreader for goodness sake!!

The West Boulder mountains were a touch snowy Sunday morning.

8 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. Sounds like you are practicing for when you finish the Pearce house and run out of projects. Relaxing isn’t in your wheel house yet. Glad that part of the family made it home safely from Germany. Hope all the doctor visits went well!


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