Yep, we are soggy.  We did see the sun for a bit on Sunday afternoon but on Memorial Day it rained all day long.  Sunday we traveled to Livingston to meet our friends Sarge and Sarah for brunch at the Rib and Chop House.  It was good to see them and brunch was a hit!

While quilting a customer quilt last summer/fall I broke a needle in the longarm.  When that happens the machine frequently needs re-timing.  We were going to tackle that task today but after using a practice piece to quilt a bit we determined the machine didn’t need re-timing–Whew!  It felt good to be quilting!

We are still in de-clutter mode.  I spent the day in the quilt studio straightening and tossing.  The Cowboy spent the day in the garage doing the same thing.  A misty rain fell for most of Memorial Day and in the evening the skies opened.  Close to one inch of rain again.

Tuesday was a yoga day for me and the Cowboy decided to wash vehicles–the rain had stopped and we even saw the sun for a bit.  At yoga I met the cutest pooch (except for Emmi! 🙂  Tofu belonged to a friend of Lesley’s from Florida.  He is a maltese/schitu cross and weighs only 9 pounds.  Tofu had the same coloring and looked like a smaller version of Zoey who belongs to Gina and Rollie.  When yoga started he walked around to each person, was petted then climbed into his little bed.  I know for sure Emmi would not have been so accommodating!


4 thoughts on “Soggy

  1. You were lucky to only get one day of rain. It started raining Sunday night here and continued until last night (Tuesday) around 8:00. It was only in the 40’s the whole time! I was so excited to look out the window last evening and see a little sunset color on the distant horizon. It was a joy to wake to some sunshine this morning. We are now cloud free this evening! Hope it last for awhile now.


    1. Oh, we didn’t just have one day of rain, it rained every single day for about seven days! Some afternoons late the sun would come out but then it would start raining again in the night. The last two days have been a joy but I see we have a chance of rain every day for another ten days–just random thunderstorms but still——


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