We’ve Done It Again

Friday was a long day for all three of us spent in Billings.  It was finally “good haircut day” for me–the first good haircut I’ve had since leaving Montana last November.  When I got back in the car, the Cowboy said, “now you look like you!”  I think that’s a compliment?? 🙂 🙂

We had a fabulous lunch at CJ’s, visited Petsmart (someone has an upcoming birthday), picked up our Walmart grocery order, shopped at Costco and then I went to the dentist.  Seems one of my root canals needs to be re-done.  A root canal I had done in Mexico–I may be finished with Mexican dental work.

Saturday the Cowboy remade the table we brought home from the Lion’s Club garage sale.  The motorhome we purchased last summer was missing a few things–one of them the table–all four chairs were there but no table–weird!  Now it’s my job to stain and polyurethane the top of the table.

We purchase all our meat at Costco in quantity as we have two refrigerators.  I package the meat into two person sizes and vacuum seal.  Last summer we discovered our Costco had stopped selling “flat briskets.”  These are briskets which have been trimmed of most of the fat.  Guess I will have to find somewhere else to buy briskets this summer.  Billings has a new WinCo grocery store–may have to check there.

We’ve done it again–purchased another RV that is.  More like a truck camper on wheels but you don’t have to crawl up into the bed.  It has two bunks at one end, a slide, and a large half circle dinette which makes into a bed.  The bathroom and refrigerator, both small will be the challenges.  It’s made for getting out and having fun which is what we intend.

The young couple who sold us the camper were so nice–they are living their dream with their two babies, and two pooches in a log cabin high on the mountain above Bozeman, Montana.  Matt is a physical therapist in Bozeman and his wife is a stay at home mom.

Looks like winter at their place when we were picking up the camper. I would not want to traverse their roads to work every day in winter!!

As we were coming down the mountain I spotted something moving way up on the hill.  It was snowing and my lens was zoomed all the way–thus the poor photo but you can tell it is a moose.Weighs 2800 pounds, is 20 feet long and has an amazing amount of outside storage–inside not so much! 🙂

Horrible weather–there’s over an inch of rain in the gauge and more to come maybe in the form of snow–UGH!  Makes for hungry birds and this time of year they eat us out of house and home–

16 thoughts on “We’ve Done It Again

  1. Love the travel trailer! I won’t even bother to tell you how much bird seed I purchase, but am sure I feed more than my fair share of birds. They are now nesting so a new group is just around the corner.


  2. I can’t believe it is still snowing. The birds are very lucky to have friends like you! I know the feeling about a “good” haircut. I love the haircuts I get in Tucson, but Moab, not so much! Your camper is awesome…


  3. Loved seeing the Lazuli Bunting… haven’t seen one in years! And who doesn’t love seeing moose? But that snow… ugh!


  4. Cute little trailer. Put a small topper on the pickup box and you have storage space for all you need to go have fun. Snow, ugh! Just day after day after day of rain showers here. Our DS & DDIL love the mountains. He says if only Nucor would open a place in Montana or Wyoming he’d be the first to apply to transfer. DDIL is a CPA and could work anywhere. Actually they would live in Yellowstone if the park people would let them! LOL


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