Montana Life

In between the unpacking and cleaning we took the time on a gloriously beautiful Mother’s Day for a drive up the Boulder.  Big fluffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky and 75 degrees.  Couldn’t have asked for better weather but the weatherman tells us not to get too comfy in the coming days! 🙂

In addition to all the beautiful scenery in our backyard it was also a red letter wildlife day.

First sighting–a moose at the Beaver Ponds. He or she was not interested in coming out of the bushes so I could get a more clear photo.

Hawley Mountain still snow covered.

Emmi loves to ride like this when we are going slow–her favorite spot.

Sunbathing woodchuck or marmot.

The Cowboy had eagle eyes today–he spotted the moose first then these elk.  A happy little dog out of the jeep at the Four Mile USFS cabin.

I just finished another great book–The Way The Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald.  It was one of the “finds” we purchased at the used bookstore in Pearce and it was one of those thick books I love.  I’m always sad to finish a great book–does that make sense??

Remember our 42 foot long rolling home we purchased last summer and left in Montana for the winter?  Engine started right away, the new to us generator has a problem–not so much the generator the Cowboy AKA our mechanic thinks but a communication problem between it and the coach.  He spent much of the afternoon under and in the generator compartment.  Most motorhome generators are on roll out trays making it easier to perform maintenance and repairs.  Not this one–it fits inside a compartment–we used the skidsteer to lift the 8KW monster into the compartment last summer.  Now the Cowboy is thinking he may have to remove the generator–I think I have something else to do that day!!!

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day Sunday–here is a photo of three very special people–my Mom, brother Ross and sister Ann.  My sister-in-law Vicky took the photo–made me homesick!

Monday was another red letter weather day–76 degrees and sunny with a cool breeze–perfect!

10 thoughts on “Montana Life

  1. Love those wildlife photos! And that scenery is breathtaking! Seeing that moose makes me homesick for Maine.


  2. What a perfect Mother’s Day! Love seeing the stream run through the beautiful hills. Of course, seeing the wildlife makes for a great trip! Good luck with the generator!


  3. Good to read you’re home, and your Montana life is returning to normal. We were hit with a tornado this past Thursday. House is OK, can’t say much for the yard and outbuildings. Over fifty trees down. May do a blog on the mess, one day. Enjoy your Summer in Paradise…jc


    1. I’m so sorry Jerry!! My sister’s house in Arkansas was hit by a tornado several years ago—lots of damage to their house and lost lots of trees. Were you home??


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