Back In Montana

Wednesday morning we left Blanding, Utah at about 7:30am.  Almost 600 miles later we stopped for the night in Riverton, WY.  Too long sitting in that pickup!  We took our time Thursday morning and enjoyed the hotel provided breakfast before attempting to depart.

I say “attempting” as the truck wouldn’t start.  When I moved to Wyoming and saw the electrical outlets in parking lots I had to ask why hotels had these.  Well–it gets cold in up here in the northwest and many vehicles have block heaters.  Our diesel pickup and our jeep both have block heaters.  It wasn’t that cold Thursday morning–38 degrees and usually at that temp you don’t need the block heaters.  But it seems our truck needs new glow plugs and thus that block heater came in handy Thursday morning.

I always enjoy seeing this formation as we enter Moab country.

The weather deteriorated as we headed toward Cody.  On top of the pass above Meeteetse, WY, the weather was miserable!  But once over the pass and through Cody the weather improved a lot.  By the time we rolled in our driveway it was over 50 degrees and mostly sunny.  No leaves on our trees but we do have green grass.

We made a quick stop in Big Timber for a few groceries and headed up the Boulder.  We unloaded much of the stuff in the trailer, took a walk with Emmi and are enjoying being back in Montana. The bird feeders are hung and now we are waiting for all the birds to discover we are home!

Friday the birds arrived–rosy red finches, lazuli buntings and chickadees.  All the bins are unloaded and the contents put away.  The washer and dryer have not stopped.  Life is busy as usual when we first arrive back in Montana.

15 thoughts on “Back In Montana

  1. So glad you made it back to Montana safely Mike and Jana. Took us a little longer than you to unpack, but I think we pretty much settled now. We are missing the warm Arizona sunshine as it sounds like you are toi.


  2. Been a long winter in some parts of the country for sure. Glad you made it home safely. Up the Boulder is a lovely phrase. Reminds me of mapping days in the wildlands of the high northwest


  3. Welcome home, I choose our northern states rather than the southern one’s…
    Snow 2 weeks ago, 85+* this week…Yippie!!!


  4. My butt hurts just thinking of all those miles. Glad you’re back in your Montana home safely. Beautiful pics along your route, although that snowy highway doesn’t look fun!


  5. Welcome home to you.
    With the rattle snakes coming out in Arizona,
    it was maybe time to leave for some months!
    I kinda worry for Emmi.


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