North Bound

Do you frequent used bookstores?  The one in Sunsites is affiliated with our library and is the best used bookstore I’ve ever seen.  It’s clean–they recently installed new carpet and also painted.  The books are clean and in order.  There is no clutter and to make it even better–on Saturday you can purchase a bag of books for $2!!!  This is our Saturday haul!  The Arizona Highway magazines were free.

Up until recently I’ve only read one Stephen King book–11/22/63: A Novel.  I’m not a fan of scary books and I’ve always associated Stephen King with terrifying books.  I very much enjoyed 11/22/63 and now I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed another Stephen King novel–Finders Keepers.  My friend Kelly included this book in a whole box of books she recently sent me.  I told her I probably would not read the Stephen King one but Kelly told me to give it a try and I’m glad I did.  Yes, there were some murders but I wasn’t frightened and the book didn’t give me nightmares! So today at the used bookstore I purchased a couple more Stephen King novels–we will see how I like these.  I love a good thick book and he writes thick books!

Saturday Milton and Lucy came for dinner and to collect keys and instructions for the summer.  We are so lucky to have Milton as our caretaker–it was such a relief to arrive last fall and find the place absolutely spotless!  Sunday I went to church and in the afternoon packed a bit.  Monday we were amazed at how little we had left to do and spent the afternoon being bums–can you imagine!!

These are the sun shade screens the Cowboy made for every west facing window in the house–the screens really do help with the heat and also make it impossible to see inside the house.

At 6:30am Tuesday our wheels were rolling and we stopped at 4:30pm after 530 miles of driving–the Cowboy did all the driving today.  We chose to travel through the Salt River Canyon and were so glad we did.  Yes, at times it’s a steep, crooked road but we still made good time and the scenery was breathtaking.  I did more looking than the Cowboy, he was too busy paying attention to the road.  It was raining when we came through the Canyon and I was taking photos from the window so they aren’t the greatest.  We are in Blanding, Utah for the night and enjoyed a fabulous supper at the restaurant next to the motel.  Onward tomorrow.

  Back in the land of red rocks.

16 thoughts on “North Bound

  1. Safe travels home to Montana! Looks like a beautiful drive today, but, boy, that was one long drive. Of course, if you do the 250 mile thing, it will be time to return before you get to MT…haha! We are in PA right now and flying back to BC tomorrow. I then have three days to pack up the MH. We head out Sunday for six weeks aiming for WY and MT. I hope we are able to see you when we get to MT. We only have reservation as far as Red Lodge. We are aiming for less popular places.


      1. I will make sure our paths cross. We really like Red Lodge. Our first time was a motorcycle trip across Beartooth Pass in June. Talk about spectacular with all that snow and frozen lakes. It won’t be the same in the Jeep but I am looking forward to seeing it again. I’ll be in touch!


  2. Those pictures of the Arizona sunset and your travels are just gorgeous! Thank you for giving me a chance to see canyons again!
    I’m in Maryland…no canyons.


  3. What an outstanding job on the windows’ sunscreens.
    Any chance you took photos while your husband built them? i.e. glued the net fabric onto the rollers? or nailed? and did you buy new rollers? if so, online? Amazon? I’d be lovely to see a set of photos and instructions on how to build the sunscreens, if possible. Thank you.
    Safe trip home, folks.


  4. That coyote looks sick and therefore definitely not one you want nearby. Amazing pic of the snake!! The window covers look fantastic on your gorgeous desert home. What a difference from what you bought two years ago! I drove the canyon in the opposite direction and agree it is really special – your pics are great.


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