Lots Of Last Minute Projects

Several years ago we purchased a air-less paint sprayer from Harbor Freight.  It’s never been out of the box until Wednesday when we used it to spray another coat of paint onto the garage door and paint the little shed.  Wow–that little sprayer made quick work of painting to the point where I think we will use it when we are ready to paint in the main house.  We both are amazed at the changes we have made with this property–we’ve gone from this:to this beautiful home!!

Emmi and I had an eventful walk Wednesday morning.  A few days ago we spotted a coyote quite close–ragged looking and limping.  Wednesday morning he was way too close for comfort–I kept Emmi next to me for the rest of our walk. When we turned the corner to head down the last stretch toward home I saw a snake stretched across the road–I was so glad Emmi was right beside me–I scooped her up and as I got closer to the snake realized it was a rattlesnake.  UGH!!  Time to head to cooler pastures I’m thinking!  We’ve seen the same coyote two other mornings–he needs to find another home–Emmi is not going to be his breakfast!

The Cowboy has been building sunshade screens for our west facing windows to have in place when we leave. I mulched my flowering plants in the front yard on Wednesday and did a little packing.

Thursday I sprayed weeds and mowed the taller weeds then spent the rest of the day packing. The Cowboy finished his last outdoor project–drip edge on the little porch over hang at the back door.  He’s been sorting and packing too in between making sunshade screens.  Homemade pizza for dinner tonight–delicious!

Friday we took a break–did some minor packing and in the afternoon drove to Tucson to have dinner with Louanne and Dan. They needed a big city fix and rented a house in downtown Tucson for a few days.  They wanted us to experience an old, old Tucson favorite–Lil Abner’s.  Autographs all over the walls, tons of indoor and outdoor seating.  Steaks cooked over an outdoor grill–to die for.

He’s smiling Hadley!

Can you imagine cooking over a hot grill outside at 92 degrees???

And we still have a few poppies–And the Cowboy spotted a blooming cactus this morning–



19 thoughts on “Lots Of Last Minute Projects

  1. Your house is a real southwestern beauty ! What will the Cowboy do next
    year with no or very few projects? Is it time to sell and find a
    new project ? Hopefully you will enjoy it for a good while.
    You both did a spectacular job.


    1. Let me make you a list Linda! 🙂 We need to construct the two porches. The inside of the main house is not finished–the Cowboy is building our cabinets, drywall, floor coverings, paint–we are a long way from being finished. And NO, we are NOT selling and finding a new project–at least I told someone else, “with this wife he’s not!” 🙂


  2. Yea, it is amazing what you guys have accomplished. You now have a beautiful home in Arizona. What’s the Cowboy going to do next Winter 😀


  3. It is amazing to see the before and after photos. What a beautiful place you have now. It will be so nice to have the main house finished, but that guest house is so comfy and adorable. You and Michael make quite a hard working team. Yes, keep little Emmi girl close. The critters are coming out.


  4. Finally dad is smiling! That’s awesome you went to Lil Abners, I first went there in 1990 while fighting a forest fire. It was in the middle of nowhere back then!


    1. Thanks for commenting Hadley–we feel as if we know you and hopefully will get to meet you in AZ at Thanksgiving time. Lil Abner’s is NOT in the middle of nowhere any longer!


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