ATV Adventure

In January of 2018 we took a drive in the truck but turned back when the road became too rough saying we would try it again sometime with the ATV.  Monday was the day and Dan and Louanne went with us.  In the Galiuro Mountain range northwest of Willcox sits Hooker Hot Springs and Jackson Cabin.  In 1885 Colonel Hooker purchased the land, thus the name for the hot springs.  Hooker Hot Springs is now part of 49,000 acres owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy.  Riparian areas, seven year round flowing streams and stunning rugged scenery make up what is now named the Muleshoe Ranch.  Our destination on Monday was Jackson Cabin located 14 miles from the Muleshoe Ranch headquarters.  Fourteen miles of rough, dusty, rugged trail but you can’t beat the scenery.  One account I read compared the rock formations and mountains to those of Utah.

The day was cool with clouds and sunshine.  This one is for you Mike McFall!

And our goal–Jackson Cabin.  I’ve not found any information on who or why someone owned a cabin so far from civilization.  There  were corrals, a water system–someone worked very hard at some point in history.And our only wildlife of the day.  He was gobbling and Dan started talking to him making the turkey fan his tail feathers and gobble some more.

Tuesday we were both worn out from our Monday adventure–the trail was tough enough that we didn’t get back to the trucks/trailers until 4:30pm and then had a 40 minutes drive to home.  But, a roof repair job was calling our name so we got to work.  The little tractor shed was in sad shape when we purchased this place.  We moved the door, replaced the siding and decided the roof would wait.  The wind this season made our decision for us–time to replace the roof.

The safe way to install a new roof–stand in the backhoe bucket!  I was the crew as in “lower me,” “hand me a……,” “can you cut 1/4 inch off these two boards…..”  Wednesday afternoon all the new decking is on and most of the new fascia board and rafters are done.  Thursday if the wind cooperates we will lay tar paper and the new steel roofing.

Wednesday I painted with primer the steel posts we set as porch roof supports to protect them from rusting this summer.  Wednesday afternoon the Cowboy went to help Dan change the oil in his CanAm as we have another adventure planned for next Monday.

Emmi thinks she might like to try yoga. 🙂


11 thoughts on “ATV Adventure

  1. Looks like fun seeing that old ranch. Of course you two cant have fun without off setting it with work. Whew. Makes me tired! I ordered 11 yards, by the way. Hope I can see a straight seam. Lol


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