A Happy Wife

Hope all our readers, friends and family had a lovely Easter.

Moon going down over the Dragoons Easter Sunday morning.

The Cowboy has spent hours working toward getting our evaporative aka swamp cooler working.  The house we owned in North Ranch had an evaporative cooler and it was amazing how pleasantly cool the house would be when using it.  Unlike with air conditioning windows are left open to circulate the air when using a evaporative cooler. The Cowboy dislikes (and that’s putting it mildly) air conditioning.  We never used the central air in our North Ranch house only the evaporative cooler which used the same ducting system as the heat pump/air conditioner.  Swamp coolers don’t work in humid climates–but this time of year with a humidity of 1%–9%, the cooler works well.

Today the Cowboy finished the install and I am a happy wife–it’s a pleasant 70° in our house as I write this blog! Saturday night we had friends over for dinner and when we sat down to eat just after 6pm it was 80° in our house!!  This cooler is large enough to cool both the guest house and main house.

Friday we made a Sierra Vista run–the metal was ready for both the cooler and the shed roof.  Emmi stayed home–way too warm that day for a little black dog to travel.  We both like the color roof metal we chose from an internet photo–always an iffy proposition!

There is a local meat market here in Sunsites which also sells Mexican food and pizza to go.  We had yet to try Guzman’s so Friday Dan and Louanne came out and we ordered pizza.  Let’s just say I will continue to make our pizza! ):

Saturday while the Cowboy worked on the cooler, I spent the day cooking.  Stephanie and Larry plus Harry and Betsy joined us for dinner–both couples have lived here a long time and attend the same church we attend.  If I do say so myself our meal was outstanding!  Brisket, Brenda’s cheesy potatoes, green salad and asparagus.  Dessert was lemon meringue pie.  We do eat well!

Easter service at church today was wonderful–all those old hymns I love! We enjoyed another great meal mid afternoon at Dan and Louanne’s.  Ham, potato salad, deviled eggs, green salad, homemade rolls–it was so good!  And another lemon meringue pie for dessert.

We are off on an adventure Monday–stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “A Happy Wife

  1. Could you send the link to your brisket recipe? Every time you fix it everyone brags on it. I have been reading your blog for several years and love to hear about your adventures.


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