Strange Weather

Tuesday night as the Cowboy and Emmi were outside for last outs before retiring for the night, I heard what sounded like rain–it was–hard rain and the two of them were quick to come back inside!  The wind was blowing, the temperatures dropped and it rained hard for just a bit.  Perfect for settling the dust! Strange weather for late April in Arizona!

The Cowboy is feeling better at times and at other times not so good–he seems to have pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in this neck/shoulder.  It’s hard for him to “sit.”  So, he’s been doing stuff which doesn’t require heavy lifting.  Heat, aspirin, massage and rest are all helping him get back to his normal!

Tuesday we made a run to Benson–we needed a notary and a few groceries.  The rest of the day was low key. Wednesday morning was the same but the Cowboy was restless after lunch and started a project–the ceiling in the hallway connecting the two houses.  I helped at times but also worked on a little quilt project–Morley the Moose.

Wednesday morning after the storm.

An almost full moon rising Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday our weather was beautiful–clear skies and very warm temperatures.  Thursday morning we set another steel post for the porch roof on the main house.  The Cowboy ran a water line and power to the evaporative cooler. Now we just need the sheet metal to form the ducting from cooler into the house.  We’ve ordered the sheet metal and roofing steel from a guy in Fort Huachua who isn’t fulfilling his end of the bargain–so we will see!

Was so excited to see this bird while on our morning walk–I’m thinking it’s a Scott’s oriole??  Where is Judy when we need her??

And a couple shots of the full moon rising over the Chiricahua Mountains on Thursday evening.


12 thoughts on “Strange Weather

  1. We have had crazy weather in Moab too…hope we just had the last of chilly temps! You guys sure stay busy and get so much done! That’s funny you mentioned Judy…Joe and I were just talking about her the other day. We met her at Anahuac a few years ago.


  2. Oh, I’m so sure the Cowboy is frustrated being hampered from his
    agenda by not feeling his best. These men are so goal oriented, at
    least mine is. Your both amazing workers, should be on TV !
    Always really enjoy your blog…… don’t quit, please.


    1. Thanks so much Linda–I don’t have any intention of not blogging at this point in time. We both really enjoy going back and reading past blogs and we also use the blog for reference. My Cowboy is definitely NOT a sit still person!


  3. It was amazing how far the temperature dropped when the rain came. We dropped to 50 degrees. Good to hear Michael is feeling a little better. Hope he is 100% real soon. The full moon is lovely:)


  4. I often think the same thing….”where is Judy when we need her”. Judy, the Bird Lady of Blogland. We were always so lucky when we posted bird photos and Judy was right there with the correct identifications. If I worked as hard as Mike does I’d probably have a lot more aches, pains, and pinches than Mike. Him and I are almost the same age and he could work circles around me. Of course I’m sure he has always had a much better work ethic than I ever had. Good stuff, keep on a pluggin:))


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