Montana In Our Sights

It’s the time of year when we start thinking of Montana, thinking of Arizona projects needing to be finished before we head north. In the fall, sometime in September we will be thinking of our return to Arizona. We won’t be leaving just yet but certainly in the next month. The Cowboy has a list of things which need finishing–but it’s not such a long list.

Saturday I checked one thing off the list–mow the grass/weeds.  We haven’t mowed as much this spring and instead have enjoyed all the poppies which sprang up after our wet/cool winter season.  The yard was looking ratty so out came the big John Deere tractor/mower and now the yard looks like a carpet–a weedy carpet but then that’s Arizona!  There is also some type of weed out there giving us both the sneezing fits–mowing really brought on the sneezing!

The Cowboy has been under the weather the last few days so projects have taken a back seat.  I think we have a handle on what’s wrong with him and will get him back to his normal hard charging self! It’s been driving him crazy to just be sitting–as you can all imagine!

Sunday was a pleasant, lazy day–the Cowboy managed a small project Sunday morning but spent the rest of the day being quiet. I went to church and then made Instant Pot beef stew using this recipe.  It’s that time of year when freezer/refrigerator clean out begins–now that we don’t have a RV refrigerator for the trip north.

Our sweet little great grandson Brooks celebrates his third birthday today–happy birthday Brooks!

Monday morning the Cowboy managed to finish the framework for mounting the evaporative cooler–We need a few things to complete the project which we will get sometime this week when we go to Sierra Vista to purchase the steel roofing for the little tractor shed.  That little shed is past needing a new roof and if we lived in a wetter climate the tractor would be wet!

Our very own Easter rabbit!

I’ve done routine chores today–laundry, changing bed linens, etc.  I dug out a few sprouting tumbleweeds–I’m thinking the tumbleweed war may be a forever war!

And here’s our beautiful great niece, Elizabeth on her way to her junior/senior prom in Arkansas–she is such a beautiful girl!




14 thoughts on “Montana In Our Sights

  1. We to are thinking about our northern migration from Texas to western WY. Can’t wait. We have a lot to get done in the next month. Summer, here we come!


      1. Oh, to that I do agree. Last summer was our worse in 4 years in WY. It started in early July, which was 4-5 weeks early. And they were close last year. The smoke really messes with me.


  2. Oh, to that I do agree. Last summer was our worse in 4 years in WY. It started in early July, which was 4-5 weeks early. And they were close last year. The smoke really messes with me. Sorry for the duplicate


  3. Hope Michael is feeling better. I can only imagine how difficult it is to sit around and think about all the projects waiting. Your niece is beautiful and her dress is lovely.


  4. Silly me, I just realized that I commented on Facebook but never put something here. Glad to see in more recent comments that the Cowboy is doing OK. So nice to see your beautiful niece, and also nice to hear about your plans for heading “home”, although home is wherever you are, I am sure.


  5. You sure got a lot accomplished this season but it’s still hard to believe it’s already time to head north. Also can’t believe Brooks is already three!! Glad Michael is feeling better after his little “rest” 🙂 Elizabeth is adorable.


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