Strange Clouds

Several sessions of yoga have come and gone without my attendance–Friday I went to yoga and it felt so good to be back.  There were twelve of us–it’s such a great group of women, many who have lived in this area all their lives.

The Cowboy has been doing a little of this and that–he slings a little drywall mud, installs a toilet, runs electrical wiring–keeps him on his toes I’m thinking!

Saturday afternoon we had some strange cloud/fog formations appear over the mountains to the northeast of us. It almost looked like snow on the mountains except those peaks are not high enough to receive that much snow!–

I posted the above photos on the Facebook page, Cochise And Its Wonders and was pleasantly surprised to see my photo had been chosen as the header on Sunday morning.

One person who commented on the photo had this to say, “Went into Rucker [canyon]while this was happening…the “cloud” formations were being created by evaporation of the snow. Very mysterious looking indeed! Ron Stewart

The Cowboy read that Flagstaff has had 18 inches of moisture so far this year compared to FOUR inches in the same time frame last year.  We have had so much rain this winter–it’s a wonderful thing for the desert and creates carpets of flowers such as these California poppies in our yard.  There are strange clouds hanging over the mountains and a foggy/haze in the air from all the moisture.

Evening light on the Chiricahua Mountains.

Sunday morning the Cowboy was back in the electrical panel and in the afternoon we ran a water line across the yard so we could plant the citrus trees once Sergio is finished with the stuccoing.  Our trench was over a foot deep and the moisture was down that far–it’s been a wet year in the desert.  Dan is a bachelor this week and came for happy hour–I had forgotten Louanne was going to be gone this week!

There was some comedy in our house late this afternoon.  The Cowboy was installing a toilet paper holder in the half bath–he asked me to come tell him where I wanted it mounted.  He was going to install it vertically instead of as you see in the photo–nope, not vertically Cowboy!


10 thoughts on “Strange Clouds

  1. Actually, a vertical install works great! The tp stays on the holder much more securely. Very much enjoying your blog, and am so impressed by all your building skills.


  2. Lovely seeing all those poppies blooming. Only a tiny one peeking out when we were there. Really nice to see the house progress as well. Yeah, our tax assessor definitely had some adjustments to make after we tore down the cottage and built the house. Fact of life, I guess. I would rather live in the new house!


  3. The poppies are so pretty, wow.
    Be worth a trip to Arizona just to see the desert in bloom.
    Doesn’t happen too often.
    Thanks for blogging and sharing these pictures !


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