The Dreaded Tax Assessor

The rain started on Monday night and stopped only for brief periods until Wednesday in the early morning hours.  The rain pounded down at times and we had over an inch in the rain gauge when the downpour finally stopped.  And Tuesday was downright chilly for March in Arizona!

Wednesday was cloudy and cold with a steady, howling wind.  I braved the wind heading to Willcox for a much needed haircut and a few groceries.  The Cowboy continued to work on his drywall finishing skills–he’s making progress!

Thursday Emmi had an appointment at the veterinarian in Tucson–just those routine anal gland things–yuck!  And we were picking up a couple things the Cowboy found on Craigslist.

There was some confusion on both our parts as to how a pedestal sink was plumbed and mounted to the wall.  I thought the pedestal fit right against the wall with all the plumbing parts inside–that’s not the case, at least for the sink we purchased.  The pedestal hid the plumbing if you didn’t look too closely but did not fit right against the wall. I’m not sure what the Cowboy thought but when I saw how he supposed he was plumbing the pedestal sink work came to a standstill. 🙂 🙂 And there was a change of plan!  The sink we purchased at Lowe’s went back in its box and the Cowboy began searching for an alternative, of course finding a Craigslist bargain!

Brand new, still in the box.

He also found a fantastic bargain on a huge evaporative cooler which will cool both the main house and the guest house.  The neighborhoods where we retrieved both items were just a touch sketchy–good thing we were there in the early part of the day!

Back on the home front we noticed a white pickup truck sitting in our driveway–nope, not Sergio, the stucco man.  It was the dreaded tax assessor man!!!  Seems Cochise county Arizona is a touch behind–as in 10+ years behind–in recording changes made by property owners.  The drawing he had of the dwelling on this property was so incredibly outdated.  His drawing did not even show the changes the previous owners had made–and they haven’t owned this property in over ten years!!  So–you can bet our taxes are about to change and they won’t be less!

It was so cold and gloomy Wednesday that I purchased some sunshine at the grocery store–

And another Gambel’s quail

Soon it will be time for the stucco guys to come back and apply the color coat to this gray concrete. Snow on the Chiricahua Mountains.





10 thoughts on “The Dreaded Tax Assessor

  1. Are you in the west side of the Chiricahua Mountains?
    We just drove from Vancouver Canada, to the Painted Pony Resort, north of Rodeo, for a week long Stargazing event. Bought groceries in Wilcox.


    1. Hi! Yes, we are on the west side of the Chiricahua Mountains about 27 miles south of Willcox. Rodeo is a funny little spot and I bet your stargazing event will be spectacular over there in the dark!


  2. Way to go, Michael! The drywall looks good. The ceiling is the worst, isn’t it! Boy, this week’s drop in temps was a big disappointment after last weeks warming trend. The house looks great. Can’t wait to see it all painted. Tax man…ugh!!


    1. He came in yesterday saying the ceiling was going to be tough and he’s not even to the vaulted part of the ceiling! Yes Pam–the cold once again is a big disappointment! Ugh to the tax man is right!


  3. It’s amazing how much flowers brighten a dreary and cold day! Great progress on your home! Sally had abscessed anal gland about 5 years ago…I feel your pain! Hope Emmi is ok.


    1. We’ve had two vets tell us that anal glands cause all sorts of issues such as the bacterial intestinal infection Emmi has had twice now. We love the Ajo Vet Clinic–yesterday’s visit was just a “tech” appointment, quick and inexpensive!


  4. The house is looking so great! I love the finished bean and post in the front room too. Can’t believe the county is THAT far behind!! They’re missing so much revenue in an area that could really benefit from it.


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