Wind And More Wind

There will be two bedrooms in the main house and there are two in the guest house.  The two bedrooms in the main house have been used for storage–building supplies, Christmas trees, toilet paper–you name it.  With our progress, the stuff in those bedrooms needs to find a new home.  So, the Cowboy started building shelves in our garage–up high above the pickup.  He worked so hard on Saturday.

I spent time in the yard doing a little weed whacking. Nat had a battery operated weed whacker by Black and Decker.  The batteries give you about 15 minutes of weed destroying before the battery is done.  The machine wouldn’t work in Montana–way too many weeds to destroy but the battery operated one works great here in our Arizona yard.  I also made sure our watering system to the trees was working correctly–it worked great!

Saturday evening we were invited to Dan and Louanne’s for dinner.  They had company visiting from Oregon and invited several friends over to meet them.  What a fabulous evening–the food was outstanding and we had so much fun laughing and talking.  The couple from Oregon, Nancy and Dennis came to Arizona in a truck and 5th wheel.  Just a short while after arriving, they caught the motorhome bug and purchased a 42 foot motorhome!  They were picking our brains about boondocking and could most RV parks handle a 42 foot motorhome–and the answer to this one was “no.”  They then asked if parking in Louanne and Dan’s driveway was called boondocking.  When I replied, “no that’s called moochdocking,” they were kind of taken aback but then laughed and laughed.  A great evening!

There has been some excitement at an RV park in the Benson, AZ Butterfield RV Resort.  Howard Payne of RV Dreamers posted on his blog that police arrived to serve a search warrant and the owner of the motorhome appeared to have been destroying evidence related to child pornography using a gun.  Law enforcement personnel thought they were being fired upon and returned fire, putting several holes into the windshield.  No one was injured.  A remark made by Howard on his blog, “a shot up RV sitting in this nice park” reminded me of a park located in Boulder City, NV.

We were participating in a shooting sport and had a match scheduled near Boulder City.  It was 100 degrees and we had planned to boondock at the range.  Those high temperatures made that impossible as we couldn’t leave our little dog, Jazz, in the RV in that kind of heat.  So, we searched for a last minute RV park and found a very hoity-toity place which didn’t allow rigs older than 10 years.  The park was beautiful as were the grounds–all concrete, lots of trees and flowers.  The clubhouse was beautiful too.  But–as I was out walking Jazz one morning I saw this travel trailer with no windows, curtains blowing out in the breeze.  There was high quality lawn furniture sitting on the patio and even a vehicle.  The next morning I ran into a woman who explained the reasons behind that nasty trailer sitting in the gorgeous RV park.  Seems the occupants were cooking meth!!!  The police came, the occupants wouldn’t come out so the police threw tear gas canisters in blowing out all the windows–the occupants came out and were arrested.  Due to the ongoing investigation the trailer could not be moved.  Just goes to show you, bad things happen in hoity-toity places too!

Mr. Quail Caught in mid song.

A not so great photo of a roadrunner in the poppies early Monday morning.

Sunday was a slow day.  The Cowboy applied some tape and mud to the newly hung drywall.  I walked with Emmi then walked another two miles without her–she doesn’t seem to like to do more than one mile any longer.  Laundry and making meals occupied the rest of my day.  I’m trying to practice yoga every day concentrating on stretches which help loosen tight hamstring muscles–mine are really, really tight and I’ve read that can be a cause for plantar fasciitis.

Monday the Cowboy spread some more drywall mud and re-routed the plumbing to the pedestal sink after his wife vetoed the original plumbing method.  He’s awfully agreeable these days–I can count myself fortunate I think!  I made cages for the soon to be planted if it will ever stop freezing at night citrus trees.

My goodness we have had a windy afternoon–howling wind coming from all directions.  Our forecast calls for rain and more wind.  The skies looked so dark and threatening I asked the Cowboy if Arizona had tornadoes–he doesn’t think so but maybe I better Google that???

The Willcox Playa kicking up dust and a little dog who things she needs an anchor! The storm approaching from the east.And from the northeast.


9 thoughts on “Wind And More Wind

  1. It’s raining here in BC as I write. Boy, the weather sure has been different with cooler temps and so much rain. But…Lake Mead is up more than it was in 2017, the last good year. So it is worth the yuck to see more water in the lake. It’s always windy here so we don’t even think about it. Hope you storm wasn’t too bad. Love, love the poppies!! They sure are bright and cheerful:)


    1. It has rained all night here, we have puddles and rivers running through the yard. And it’s a good thing–I would love to see Lake Mead at “normal” level! I’m thinking we too had better get used to wind.


  2. Love to see the desert blooming.
    You really do well at staying fit. Walking is
    good for all of us. Do you just walk out thru the desert?
    I’m wondering about the finish plaster job on your
    houses…… do we get to see the whole ‘enchilada’?
    Exciting !!!


    1. I too love to see the desert bloom–I miss seeing all the cactus flowering–there aren’t many cactus except prickly pear in southeast Arizona. I walk on the roads of this so called “subdivision” we live in. Lots of land subdivided into one acre tracts and crisscrossed with roads but very, very few houses. And yes, I will post some photos of the finished stucco job when the guys come back to complete the job.


  3. Great picture of the Gambles Quail…I love to here them sing! We have enjoyed the poppies as well. They sure put a smile on my face.


  4. It is rare for AZ to have tornadoes, but very rarely, one does touch down in , say, Mesa , but I don’t know about your area.


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