Three Little Piggies

There were some questions in our comments about the different shingles vaccines.  The Cowboy had the first zoster vaccine in 2010 and I received it in 2011.  Nine and eight years later, that vaccine is less than 35% effective in our bodies.  That’s why we chose to receive the new Shingrix vaccine approved by the FDA in 2017.  The Shingrix vaccine is a two part injection–one injection is given then you must wait two to six months for the next injection.  We’ve watched family members suffer with shingles–my brother, my mother, the Cowboy’s father Nat.  My paternal grandfather was blind in one eye due to shingles. A high school classmate’s mother suffered for 17 years and became blind in one eye with ongoing shingles.  That’s why we chose to have the vaccine. Medicare does not pay for the Shingrix vaccine and neither did the Cowboy’s supplemental Humana policy.  My insurance policy, BCBS paid for it in full.

Maybe they are not such “little piggies!”  While Emmi and I were walking Thursday morning the Cowboy had visitors–big visitors!

That’s just a little too close to our house dudes!

Ugly critter isn’t he!

Wednesday we both felt enough better that much was accomplished–our house is coming along so well and when drywall started going up it felt as if we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The dining room table will sit where that drywall hoist is now positioned.

Thursday evening Joe and Sue, our nearest neighbors (a quarter mile away) came for happy hour bearing gifts of a beautiful bottle of Prosecco and a plant for our new house.  We had a good visit–they are dog lovers and have an elderly beagle plus a rescue dog–an exuberant pit bull cross, Duke, who is only about one year old.

Friday morning had us rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off–our friends Dan and Louanne live on Geneva Street and that neighborhood has a yearly garage sale.  The Cowboy had gathered up bits and pieces and I contributed a few things–off we went, bright and early.  We didn’t even net enough to buy our lunch! Oh well! We enjoyed visiting with our friends.  I did score an ice bucket and a cute little southwest themed night light.

The Cowboy installed some shelving in the garage this afternoon and I’ve played with Emmi and taped some edges so my drywall finishing dude can get started!

The wind has almost blown us into the next county this afternoon–the tumbleweeds are tumbling! And our temperatures are dropping–we are in for a few days of cooler weather and possibly some rain.




2 thoughts on “Three Little Piggies

  1. I always love it when that drywall goes up and I can finally see what the space really looks like! You’re going to love having meals with that lovely view. Those pigs definitely need to keep their distance – I’m not a fan!


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