Time For A New Photo Editing Software

For a while now Picasa has been doing strange things.  It’s a program no longer supported by Google but until the last few months it had worked seamlessly on my laptop.  I used it as a program to download photos from camera card to my computer into folders arranged by date.  I don’t store photos on Picasa or Google.  My photos are stored on my laptop backed up onto an external hard drive.  In recent months I’ve noticed when downloading the camera card, my photos are appearing in strange places in Picasa.  March, 2019 photos will appear mixed in with January, 2014 photos???  Today Picasa ate my photos from our ATV ride–gone, can’t find anywhere on computer or in Picasa.  I am thinking it’s time to bite the bullet and purchase that new photo editing software!

So, you will just have to trust me–we took a wonderful ATV ride Thursday with Bob and Judy up into the Dragoons.  We ran into snow, saw some coatimundi and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather.Photo was taken March, 2018 in the Chiricahua Mountains.

Thursday evening Bob treated us to dinner at our local bar, TJ’s and then we attended a presentation at the library about the Chiricahua Mountains.  Back home we enjoyed more of that apple pie I made.

Friday, Judy and Louanne joined me for yoga in Elfrida.  In the afternoon Judy and Bob took a drive up into the Chiricahua Mountains while the Cowboy and I did a little restoration.  I painted our new half bath and the Cowboy finished wiring the main panel on the outside of the house. Louanne and Dan joined us for happy hour on the porch Friday evening.

The stucco crew finished the first coat of concrete Friday just after lunch.  Now we wait 10-15 days for this coat to dry completely then the crew will come back and apply the “color” coat.  We love how it looks and all ready notice a difference in how much warmer the main house is with all the new insulation on the outside.

It was very windy Saturday afternoon and the dry lake bed–the Willcox Playa was sending major dust clouds into the air.  The Cowboy took a motorcycle ride with his cousin Pete and his wife Kathy–they rode up to Safford and back.  I applied another coat of paint in the new half bath–Pam, I think my Cowboy can finish drywall!

TJ’s for a late lunch when the Cowboy came home and after lunch he laid the tile in the new half bath.  Soon, very soon, we are going to have a functioning bathroom on that end of the house!  Milton (our summer caretaker) and Lucy stopped by this afternoon to check our progress and we had a nice visit–I love drop in guest!

Poppies are blooming everywhere and the below photo was taken at Whitewater Draw Wednesday evening.

Bob and Judy pulled out this morning heading back to Tucson for a while–we certainly enjoyed their visit and getting to know them better.

And the folks in Montana are still enduring the worst winter weather–

That’s a big UGH!

13 thoughts on “Time For A New Photo Editing Software

  1. Your house is looking great. I highly recommend Irfanview for photo stuff. It’s free and easy to use and has been around for a long time. With your skill you should have no problem figuring it out as it’s fairly easy.


  2. While it sure is easier for someone else to finish the drywall, it sure is satisfying to do it yourself and know it will look so much nicer when painted. It’s a slow process but worth it in the end.
    Glad you got out for some fun. We’ve never seen a coatimundi in the wild. Maybe one day!


    1. The drywall finish in our guest house is not done well and we paid for that! So, the Cowboy is doing the main house himself. We didn’t know coatimundi existed in the Dragoons–just the Chiricahua’s.

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  3. I’ll be watching to see what photo program you’ll be using. I, too, use Picasa and while I haven’t had any problems (yet) it doesn’t do everything I want. I also use an old version of Paint Shop, which I like, but it’s very outdated and I can’t even load it on the laptop I’ve been using. My photography skills leave a lot to be desired so I depend on a good photo program to help with lighting, cropping etc. Keep us posted….


    1. I’ve ordered an Adobe program—Lightroom 6. Version 6 is the final one made by Adobe as a CD. To obtain Lightroom from this point on you have to pay for a subscription, something we are not keen on doing.


  4. As for winter weather, here at our house in NE Nebraska it was about -12 (according to a neighbor’s thermometer) with wind chill around -30 or colder. Montana has nothing on us!! 😦

    Your house is coming right along….looks good.

    No need for a program to download photos to your laptop. Put the memory card in the slot located SOMEWHERE on the laptop, open file explorer, find the camera folder (should show up as a drive) drag & drop. I’ve been doing it that way for years. It’s just frustrating when loved programs quit working on one’s computer.


    1. I don’t just use Picasa to download my photos, I also use Picasa to crop, enhance the color, straighten the horizon, etc. So, photo editing software is a necessity for me. Thanks Linda, our house is truly taking shape!


  5. Coming together nicely!! Glad you’re still having lots of fun with friends in between all the work. In addition to the editing program that came with my Canon, I use picmonkey.com.


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