Stucco Prep Has Started

Sergio and crew arrived early Monday morning and started working.  Same thing on Tuesday morning, except they came earlier.  They work really hard all day taking an hour for lunch then back to work.  By Tuesday afternoon most of the prep work is finished.

While Sergio and crew were working, we were working too, imagine that!  The Cowboy is trying his hand at drywall finishing using Pam’s helpful hints and progress is being made–slowly.  I finished weeding around all our trees and adjusting their cages.  Laundry, house cleaning and a bit of cooking rounded out my day.

It’s rare for schools in Montana to have snow days–all the schools in our area are closed today.  It just won’t stop snowing and the temperatures are frigid.  Law enforcement is urging emergency travel only.  It’s a good time to not be in Montana!

Our granddaughter Kristen attends Sheridan College in Sheridan, Wyoming.  She is a very talented barrel racer and has received an incredible honor by being invited to participate in the Junior American Rodeo in Fort Worth, TX.  The following appeared on the Sheridan College Rodeo Facebook page:

Sheridan College Rodeo is proud to wish one of it’s own Krissy Vandervoort good luck at the Jr American tomorrow! Krissy manages to maintain good grades, ride between 3-4 horses a day and work on her roping skills while chasing her dreams of running at AT&T Stadium March 2nd and 3rd. 
“When I got my invitation to go compete at the Jr American rodeo I was super excited and luckily it all worked out for me to be able to go. I ended up getting invited because I was in the top 5 in the world standings at the National Little Britches Finals last year. I am extremely honored that I am able to go down and experience this event. It means more to me than words can explain.”
Good Luck Krissy and travel safe!

Tuesday afternoon friends from Big Timber arrived–Bob and Judy.  They are enjoying their first year of snowbird freedom in their motorhome pulling a trailer with their toys–a jeep and a RZR.  They parked, open out the slides and we all headed to Willcox for dinner at the newly reopened Big Tex Barbecue spot–they had a major fire this past summer.

Wednesday was another beautiful day.  Bob and Judy took a drive and Pat, the Cowboy’s cousin arrived.  We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner and then headed to Whitewater Draw to see all the sandhill cranes.  It was a warm why we are in Arizona type evening and we all enjoyed the stroll around one of the walkways.  These are just a few of the many photos I took–

Now here is a test–one bird or two??

Two birds right but only two legs???

I took those two photos within seconds of each other and didn’t notice the shortage of legs until I got home and downloaded the camera card.  I am assuming the birds are each standing on one leg???

8 thoughts on “Stucco Prep Has Started

  1. Hope Michael is “enjoying” his more tedious finishing of the drywall! But I know you will be happy when it comes to painting and see a smooth finish:) Glad the weather is improving for you…finally.


  2. Is stucco covered styrofoam a recent way of building? We’re seeing that here in Mexico (the stryofoam looks like it has a rebar-like “cage” around it) but it’s new to us. Love the bird photos… especially the great-horned owl!


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