Better Weather Ahead

Wow, Thursday night the wind blew incessantly all night long.  Friday morning it was still blowing and it was spitting rain/sleet.  Yoga was calling so off I went–rained off and on during the 25 miles trip to Elfrida.  Went we all came out of the building, the ground was white and it was snowing hard!  The temp was 32 degrees so some of the snow was melting as fast as it fell–it’s a good thing or we might have been really white–it snowed all day Friday.  The roads were slushy going home–

It snowed hard all the way home, so hard I couldn’t even see our house as I approached.

It’s out there somewhere!

Some areas between us and Tucson received much more snow as in ten inches!! This photo was borrowed from a local news station Facebook page–an Arizona snowman!  Flagstaff and Prescott set snowfall records–I think Flagstaff received 36 inches closing I-17.  By this time next week we should be seeing temps in the 70’s.

Friday night Louanne and Dan joined us for homemade pizza and because it was National Margarita Day we also enjoyed margaritas.  We had a great evening!

Saturday morning dawned clear and very cold–

I belong to this Cochise County and Its Wonders Facebook photography group with 11,000 members.  Some of the members are amateurs such as myself and others are outstanding professional photographers.  There are several administrators and periodically an administrator will pick a photo to use as the groups header photograph.  My photo was chosen Friday–I was so excited as it’s not even the greatest photo–taken from a moving truck, it’s not quite in focus but I still liked it enough to post the photo to the group page.

Saturday the Cowboy finished hanging the interior drywall in our new half bath and also taped and mud-ed the seams.  We are hoping we can convince Pam to come down and do the sanding–;) 😉 Seriously, the Cowboy is going to try his hand at finishing the drywall in the main house–we aren’t too pleased with the finishing job we paid to have done in the guest house!

Saturday evening we enjoyed dinner at the Sunsites Community Center with friends Dan and Louanne and Ted and Jeanne.  It was a fundraising event for the parks of Sunsites and the food–ribs–was very good!

It’s cold, beyond cold in Montana!  The town of Antelope, Montana had a recorded temperature of minus 50 Sunday morning–the coldest temperature in the lower 48!  The following photo was taken by Mark Demaline and shared on the KULR8 news station in Montana–this is Natural Bridge Falls located not too far from our Montana home–I’ve shared many photos of these falls over the years but never one of the falls in this frozen state!

Taken during warmer times–if you look closely at the top of this photo you can see the bridge which the frozen photo clearly shows.

Sunday was a glorious day–warm and sunny.  In the afternoon I was outside removing the tumbleweeds which had attached themselves to all our tree cages.  The Cowboy removed all the ones which had attached themselves to Sergio’s trailer and stack of stuccoing supplies.  He also applied another coat of mud to the walls of the little bathroom.  We even took a CanAm ride–better weather ahead!

I finished another little sewing project and I even remember where I purchased this pattern/kit–at Fort MacLeod in Alberta, Canada in August, 2014 just after our first great granddaughter Lora was born in Great Falls, Montana.  We were on a trip with Larry and Geri–we loaded trucks and campers onto the Alaskan ferry system spending a month here and there in Canada and Alaska.  The Fort was having a quilt show that particular day and there was a quilt shop vendor who had this piece displayed.  I need some green buttons and then it will be ready for the longarm when we return to Montana.

Larry even got in on the quilt show when he volunteered to help rehang this quilt after the ladies discovered it was hung upside down.


12 thoughts on “Better Weather Ahead

  1. Your posts remind me of the hope I had for the future… there in cochise… I miss that… I’m not dead yet so maybe still… if your cowboy can keep on saddling up… maybe so I can too…


  2. Congratulations on your published photo! Nice! Those photos of the frozen falls just make me shake my head…. seriously? Arizona?


  3. I would love to come and help, but I am sure we are busy whenever that may be…lol! The tips my father-in-law gave me that lead to the perfectly smooth seams and no marks were to use a lamp to check your work up close and then go over the sanding with a damp cloth. I used a light weight plastic lamp without the shade. I was sanding the ceiling while holding the lamp under my left arm. It was crazy but really worked and showed all those little scratches that show up clearly when you paint. Wiping with a damp cloth smooths and fills anything missed. This process really worked so well that even the drywall fellow that taught me was totally amazed at the smoothness. Good luck, Michael!

    Hope you are finally turning the corner and you have warm days ahead for the stucco!


  4. It’s not like Pam is really that far away…….just sayin’ :-)))) Isn’t it wonderful when others see the beauty we were trying to capture in a photo? Having seen those falls in person, it’s so hard to believe they froze solid! We still have more rain in the forecast, but the temps seem to be warming up in SoCal too.


    1. That’s what I keep telling Pam! 🙂 I’ve never seen the falls frozen–it just wasn’t something we did when living in Montana in winter–for one thing the path out to those falls was always snow packed and icy–one step wrong and you would be over the 100 foot falls. This is you isn’t it Jodee??


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