A Delivery

Tuesday morning we woke to this–once again.  By the time I came home from yoga the snow was all gone but we were left with a frigid wind and cold temps.

The wind blew all day Tuesday and it was not nice outside. We managed to find things inside to keep us busy. The Cowboy is building a bathroom–we are putting a small half bath in a corner by the back door of the main house and he built the stud wall for it on Tuesday.

Wednesday we received a delivery–

Stucco stuff!!!!!  We are so excited–Sergio is starting Monday after the next snow storm expected on Thursday and Friday.

I helped the Cowboy install some insulation today in the ceiling over the new bathroom and spent the rest of the day working on my little applique project.  Late this afternoon we took a drive to purchase some used electrical wire.  The Cowboy searches Craigslist on a daily basis looking for bargains–he found some bargain wire and it was even more of a bargain because the seller was just up the road from us.

Our meadowlark came back this afternoon–

Our view as we walked Wednesday morning–

Sergio came Thursday morning bringing a couple trailers full of tools, ladders and scaffolding.  The sun was shining and the wind wasn’t blowing so he and crew decided to work for a while.  As I said above, the Cowboy had started building the half bath and today he began plumbing.  After lunch he came inside to say he was missing a Pex fitting.  We decided to make a flying trip to Sierra Vista today for the fitting and the rest of the bathroom stuff–we came home with a bathroom in the back of the truck–sink, toilet, light fixture, faucet, mirror and a new hot water tank for the main house.  We went to Sierra Vista today because our weather is deteriorating and we didn’t want to risk driving there on Friday when the roads might potentially be nasty–it’s not our driving we are worried about–it’s all the other folks who live in AZ and seldom see snow! 🙂 🙂  We made a really quick trip and shopped at one store–Lowe’s.

As I type this, the wind is literally howling and whistling, blowing so hard one would think we are in Big Timber, Montana!!  The wind is driving the tumbleweeds into the house making scary thumps–Emmi is nervous! The rain has started too, we will see what the morning brings.  On the way back late this afternoon, coming over Gleeson Road it was dark and cloudy.  Off to the southeast we could see this area–probably McNeal–golden sunshine making the buildings shimmer.  Not the greatest photo.

9 thoughts on “A Delivery

  1. One thing about being back on the Northern Ranges this winter, I am not surprised to wake up and see a little snow, it is supposed to be snowy here and I have the gear to make it bearable. Stay warm down there.


    1. Some bloggers I read were talking about not having enough winter clothes with them this year. Mike and I have winter clothes–we’ve lived in Montana too long I guess–we used to bring muck boots, coveralls and all sorts of winter clothing when we traveled south in December. Now that we travel in early October we don’t bring quite as much but enough to stay warm.


  2. I’ve still got Minnesota clothes in the closet, and I haven’t lived there in 20+ years. Texas has it’s own unique issues. Flooding/hurricanes to name 2. I’d still rather be here than there. That said, we summer in Wyoming to get out of the heat here. Year 5 coming up.


  3. We don’t do winter well here on the Central Coast, but today, it appears we actually DO have winter. It hailed, snowed, wind blew and lightning topped it all off. The weather is wacky here and it appears it is there as well. We need some spring in the air..not winter!


  4. Hopefully, you are seeing better days ahead if we can just get to the weekend. We are finally seeing temps in the 60’s for next week! Wahoo!! We have had enough winter and are not willing to bundle up to go out. So I need it to warm up very soon and stay warm! You are really making progress. Hope the weather is good for the stucco work!


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