Still Progressing

Like most of the country, our weather is forecast to deteriorate tonight and continue to be nasty for a week.  Snow and night time temps in the teens are being discussed.  North Ranch had snow this morning as did Boulder City where John and Pam live.  Lonn left Saturday morning running into inches of snow in Flagstaff Sunday and could not see the Grand Canyon because it was snowing so hard.  A very weird winter!

The Cowboy has been hanging insulation, installing OSB and doing a little wiring. Nothing that makes for very exciting photos–

When you move walls you create other problems such as holes in the soffit which had to be patched before the stucco man arrives.  How do you like the Cowboy’s scaffolding??

Saturday evening we dined at Dan and Louanne’s.  It’s great to have Louanne back in Arizona after her extended stay in Oregon.  Dinner was amazingly good as usual!

Sunday I worked on another small quilt type project and put it all together today–now for the appliqueing stitches.

It always makes us smile when we go home to Montana in the spring and hear our first meadowlark sing–and those birds can sing, making a lovely noise!  Today as Emmi and I started our walk, I thought I heard a meadowlark.  A member of the Cochise county Facebook photography group had recently posted photos of meadowlarks so I knew it was possible to see them in our area.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of yellow and the bird sat still long enough for me to snap a photo–

Yep, a meadowlark!

The Cornell Lab Merlin bird identification app tells me this is a curve-billed thrasher and he had a pretty song too.

This afternoon we sat out in our porch and watched the storm clouds build–I made a pot of chili in anticipation of the cold weather.  I’m all for rain in the desert but I’m way past ready for some warm temps!


9 thoughts on “Still Progressing

  1. This has been a very strange winter. Our area hasn’t seen snow in ten years. Not sure this is the welcome we wanted. However, we are thrilled to see so much snow in Colorado and other mountain areas. Hopefully, Lake Mead will come up a little after the melt. But…the chilly temps are wearing on us.

    Love Michael’s scaffolding! The meadowlark is really pretty. Chili sounds perfect!


    1. Very strange winter indeed–Mike and I can’t remember exactly but think we had only a couple freezing nights the first spring we were here, then just a handful last spring. Now it won’t stop freezing at night! But you are right–we can’t complain about the moisture!


  2. We’ve been gloomy in Austin, TX most of the winter. Tired of it. Getting down to 37 degrees tonight. High of 43 tomorrow. Wish I would have though to get chili fixing when I was out today! We were 88 last friday. Go figure. Just plain weird.


  3. Oh, Janna, one of my favorite sounds is driving along on a breezy day with the windows down and hearing those meadowlarks on the fences. So great to see the photo. We are in the high 69s today, also cooling down from a record 89 yesterday. In Ocala. At ER. Mo’s knee. A brace. Story will follow of course but internet too slow to write much.


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